God fit them all in....with room left over

by M.L.Wilson

Well, this is for those of you that think Noah had to put every single animal on the ark prior to the Biblical flood in Genesis.

The fact is, the Biblical word "kind" denotes an organism that reproduces others like itself. The species concept is much narrower than this; therefore many species can be included in a single Biblical "kind."

The word kind is probably closer to the modern taxonomic unit of genus, and in some cases the larger taxonomic unit, family.

One estimate for the number of 'species' on board is 2,000 Noah's Ark - A Feasibility Study, John Woodmorappe; while another is 35,000 The Genesis Flood, Morris and Whitcomb.

This may still seem like a lot, but please remember, he could use babies (one pink and one blue) as well. It was only air breathing land dwelling animals he gathered. All ocean going animals/reptiles/fish/mammals would have survived the flood just fine.

If we get generous and say there were 40,000 animals on board, they could have easily fit in approximately 167 railroad cars. Based on the cubits used to build the ark, it could have held 569 railroad cars. Therefore, the animals would have taken up less than 30% of the total space on the ark!

With prayer, a careful examination of the scriptures and research, you too will come to believe what is written in God's word.

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Jan 24, 2011
God fit them all in...with room left over
by: Stanley7

Attention to M.L. Wilson (Alaska), John Woodmorappe, Morris and Whitcomb,

Oops, you all are deadly wrong on all parts on your comment. I, Stanley7, forgive and forget your misunderstandings and mistakes, because you all have created your all maths made in all errors anyway. Have you all not read?

Ans of every living thing of all flesh, you, Noah shall bring TWO of every sort into the ark to keep them alive with you, Noah, as they shall be BOTH MALE AND FEMALE, not every single one. TWO AND TWO MALE AND FEMALE INTO THE ARK! Take SEVEN PAIRS of all clean animals, the male and it's mate, all SEVEN pairs of the unclean animals, the male and it's mate, all SEVEN pairs birds of the heaven (Sky), the male and female to keep them alive, as same as to the repiles and many different species as well. Of the birds according to their kinds, the animals according to their kinds of every creeping thingon the ground, according to it's kind, TWO of every sort shall come in to you, Noah to keep them alive, as same as to take you, Noah every sort of food that was eaten, and store it up. It shall serve as food for you, Noah and for them as well. Certainly the number of species on board was 14,000, not 2,000. Another number was total 42,000, not 35,000. The Ark was measured equally to 6 total long-sized football-stadiums, not 4 total long-sized stadiums. I, Stanley7 Halek asked Lord Jesus Christ for His Answer, as He said "YES" so loudly to me, only one left on Earth for you all and all peoples. Do not follow, because Lord Jesus Christ gave His Full 7,000 Pages with His Full Dates to me, Stanley7 Halek, only one left on Earth on Saturday early morning, !st Month of Abib/ Nisan/ AUGUST, 3rd Day, 1994th Lord Year (6th Year) and 6824th Lord Year (6th Year) for you all and all peoples as well. Lord Jesus Christ said to me that all nobody on Earth will see Him in future, except me, Stanley7 Halek. I, Stanley7 Halek who speak on my own glory authority from Lord Jesus Christ, seek my own glory from Lord Jesus Christ, but I, Stanley7 Halek, who seek the glory of my 6- University credits that sent to me were true 55 years ago, when I was 17 years old. Okay. Thank you. Stanley7 Halek

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