The Nephilim

"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown."

Genesis 6:4

Those words have sparked debate by Biblical scholars for centuries. The appearance of these mysterious people in the Old Testament is marked by evil, corruption, wickedness and perversion of every sort.

Yet the passage in Genesis is vague about their exact identity. The book of Numbers talks of their descendants. The controversy rests on the identity of these "sons of God" in the book of Genesis.

The Book of Enoch remains the most comprehensive account detailing the vague passage in Genesis. It fills in the gaps left in Genesis. However, this book is controversial among scholars. The secrets revealed in I Enoch are startling. Enoch, as well as the ancient world, believed the "sons of God" were fallen angels. Enoch called them the Watchers. The Nephlim were the half-divine, half-human offspring.

The Dead Sea Scrolls provide a physical description of one of the Watchers in the scroll entitled; The Testament of Amram.

Amram was the father of Moses. In this narrative he receives a vision, in which he sees the Chief Angel of Darkness, named Melkiresha. Amram also encounters the Watchers.

"I saw Watchers in my vision...And behold two of them argued about me and said..."

He goes on to describe the appearance of one particular Watcher;

"His looks were frightening like those of a viper, and his garments were multi-coloured and he was extremely dark..."

It is quite remarkable three ancient, separate, distinct, and individual documents, one Biblical, and two not, make mention of the same group of beings and their offspring.

Who were these people? What took place in these most ancient of days? Why are they mentioned in multiple ancient texts? Are they still active today?

NEPHILIM STUDY RESOURCES offers The Book of Enoch. This is the most popular apocalyptic book outside the Bible. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims it divine Scripture. Written by Enoch, it gives the account of the Watchers and their offspring found in Genesis 6! Click on the link below to be re-directed to

The Book of Enoch

Click to share your thoughts. Were you aware of these beings presence throughout the Bible? What is your opinion of their identity? Click on the above link to share your thoughts, questions, and comments!


The Nephilim Giants : Genesis 6 may be the one of the most mysterious passages in all of the Bible. The sons of God are said to have reproduced with the daughters of men. Their offspring were mighty men, men of old, men of renown. Who were these men?

Angels Marry Women? : This is an excellent and in-depth article written by Robert Gentet. His website,, is a very thought provoking and interesting site. This article touches on a number of themes and issues involving the Nephilim and their identity.

The Return in Numbers : Scripture states the flood in Genesis was a worldwide flood, destroying all life upon the earth. However, in Numbers 13 the Israelite spies encounter these people! How can this be? This is yet another mystery surrounding these mysterious people.

The Rephaim : The Rephaim were descendants of the Nephilim, according to Numbers. Abraham and Lot would have encountered these people during their time in Canaan. The Rephaim also fell victim to the same King Chederlaomer responsible for conquering Sodom and Gomorrah.

Enoch the Prophet : Enoch was one of the great men of the Old Testament. However, the Bible does not mention much concerning the life of this ancient prophet. Sources of Apocalyptic Literature depict a man of extreme righteousness.

The book of Enoch (part 1) : Enoch deals with the full story behind Genesis 6 in the book of Enoch. Section 1 deals with chapters 1-7 in the book of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch (part 2) : Section two deals with chapters 8-12 in the book of Enoch. Enoch receives instructions from the faithful Watchers regarding God's message to the fallen angels.

The book of Enoch (part3) : Section three deals with the book of Enoch chapters 13-15. Enoch ventures to the throne of God where he receives God's judgment on the fallen Watchers.

The Greek Septuagint : The Septuagint was translated by Jewish Elders in Alexandria. They believed the "sons of God" were indeed fallen angels.

Flavius Josephus : Flavius Josephus shared the opinion of the other ancient historians and Church fathers. He believed they were the half-divine offspring of fallen angels. Josephus also connects them to the Greek gods of Greek mythology.

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  • The Nephilim Giants appear in Genesis 6 & are some of the most mysterious beings in the Bible. They disappear after the flood only to return in the book of Numbers.

    The Nephilim Giants

    The Nephilim Giants appear in Genesis 6 & are some of the most mysterious beings in the Bible. They disappear after the flood only to return in the book of Numbers.

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Enoch & the Nephilim: Unexplained Mysteries of the Bible

Are you intrigued by these passages from Enoch and Genesis? Have you come across these questions before? Seeking answers and explanations of mysteries has been an endeavor of man since the earliest of times. Share your thoughts and questions on the Nephilim, Enoch, the Watchers, and other Bible mysteries!

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The Nephilim - Antiquity's Genetic Disease 
Nephilim in the Torah (Bible) Numbers 13:33 (NIV) 33 We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers …

Angels, Mt.Hermon, Bashan, Og, Zuzim, Rephaim, Nephilim, Anakim  
Its believed a second group of watchers fell. And the reason they're not mentioned in the Bible more is because it didn't line up with the story line of …

The Nephilim Civilization 
I believe the giants of the Old Testament were travelers from space. The 1/st chapter of Ezekiel describes a FLYING SAUCER, and Men or Angels. I believe …

The Descendants of Seth as the Sons of God 
There are at least a few people who believe that the reference to the sons of God, in Genesis, is a reference to the righteous descendants of Seth. Jesus …

Enoch and the Nephilium 
The Nephilim that Enoch spoke of are the children of the fallen angel's seed (the demons), that lived on the first earth, and the earth now. Enoch gives …

The Emim, Anakim, Rephaim. 
It seems possible that these people(s) are related in some way to the Nephilim. Why are there different names, if they are the same people? Firstly, …

REPHAIM – Children of Fallen Angels 
By CK Quarterman REPHAIM: The Rephaim were a tribe of giants who lived east of the Dead Sea. (Deuteronomy 2:10, 11, 19, 20) The Israelite’s had trouble …

The Nephilim & Gnostic Gospels 
The book of Enoch, as with the other "LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE", are gnostic texts and were considered to be heretical by the church fathers, kind of like …

You have misquoted Genesis 
You have misquoted Genesis. The word Nephilim is not mentioned once in the entire book of Genesis ! You said: "The Nephilim were on the earth …

I wrestled a demon last year during a ritual. It was not human, or even humanoid, and it had tentacles, looked like something out of a movie, was with …

Egypt and Sumer, the Oldest Civilizations? 
Archeologist agree that Egypt and Sumer were the oldest known civilizations, yet both show no evolutionary progression. Their knowledge was mysteriously …

The Nephilim and the UFO Phenomenon 
To me this is a fascinating passage because Jesus says that 'As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man comes again!' This passage …

John ~ 
It is quite evident that the text “Son’s Of God” and/or Nephilim, however diverse, has been referenced, and has been, in my opinion, clearly indicating …

Did Fallen Angels Create the Nephilim 
In Genesis the fallen angels are called, “the sons of god” (Gen. 6:4). Genesis is a much older writing than the Book of Enoch. The dating of the Book of …

Mysteries Like the Nephilim 
The basis of any belief is faith. Now the question is; On what is your faith based on or in? What do you believe, the Biblical account or world knowledge? …

Book of Enoch 
I believe that the Book of Enoch was removed from our Bible because it spoke of the fallen watchers. If we were educated in this and their return, we would …

Zechariah SitchenJan Lamprecht 
To anchor a ship to a single bay or history to a single source is foolish. Read the books written by Zechariah Sitchen starting with his first …

The Bloodline of Seth 
Nephilim, or Sons of God, is intriguing. What do you think of the following? I believe that the word refers to the bloodline of Seth. It's possible …

The Nephilim 
Angels always transformed themselves into human form, so it is likely they mated with women to produce soul less humans.

The Nephilim and Nephilia 
The "Sons of God" spoken of in the Hebrew scriptures are very definitely angels who were persuaded that human women were desirable. The offspring of these …

Sons of God 
Angels were sons of God. Adam was a son of God. We are sons of Adam.

Robert Marshall 
Enoch was a son of God. that is why God raptured Him. When God talks about the sons of God going into the daughters of men He is talking about those people …

YAHWEH's Daughter II 
Listen, YAHWEH only breathed into us the Hebrew Israelite. We are made from the earth and Satan refused to bow to us as YAHWEH told him to do: I am made …

David Sheriff aged 65 Astronomer & Ufologist 
What we see in Genesis is the word Nephelim. In Biblical terms yes fallen angels. However as it is written we could understand as …

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Nephilim, Nothing Strange, Here Today. 
When reading he Bible, stick to what it says, not what others say it says. God is about truth & facts. But they exist for our salvation, so read carefully. …

This Bible passage also troubled me so much. Does this statement mean literally, ? As stated, "they were sons of God," I think it is not right to call …

It is obvious that most or all commentators agree that the sons of God were fallen angels. There is not a single reference in Scripture that backs up …

Mr christian 
I see a little problem, or contradiction in the return of the Nephilim in Numbers after the flood. It does say the descendants does it not? Elsewhere it …

Watchers, Nephilim, ET's, UFO's, Giants, etc., in the Bible 
I have been studying this subject with great interest for many years. I believe, from the truth supplied in God's inerrant Bible, and the helpful assistance …

Half-Angel, Half-man 
Since these were half-angel/half-man, wouldn't their "spiritual side" survive the flood of Noah? Their physical bodies were destroyed, but what happened …

Common sense of the Nephilim return 
In (Gen.6:4) we can see how the return of the Nephilim came to be. Basic demonic manifestation of these angelic beings called the sons of God is also stated …

The Nephilim, the "fallen ones", who were they? They are spoken of not only in the Bible but in other creation stories. Are they descendants of a different …

Nephilim civil war mentioned in the Mahabharata? 
The book of Enoch mentions that G-d directed Gabriel to incite a civil war between the Giants/Nephilim. I have looked for any stories/myths/examples of …

Are Angels Sexless? 
The sin of the angels mating with human women & creating the nephilim was so bad that God bound them in chains in tartarus until the judgement. In light …

Fallen Angels Have Attempted to Censor Biblical History 
It is obvious that fallen angels have attempted to censor Biblical literature about themselves. Justin Martyr, a philosopher who converted to Christianity …

There is no proof these Nephilim impregnated humans. This passage just says that they dwelt on earth at this time.

A thought relating to Nephilim after the flood 
As Knowledge increases, may our Eternal Creator Yahuah (God),the rightful owner and Ruler of our world Yahushua (god saves)bring forth the truth for us …

The Sons of God Were the Sethites 
There should be no confusion about who the sons of God are in Genesis , if you understand that there were two distinct peoples after the fall. Genesis …

The Nephilim 
1 In time, when men began to multiply on earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were attractive; and they …

You can't "Pick and Choose" truth. 
I have spent the past few years studying in detail the giants of the Bible. The Book of Enoch has all the validity of any other biblical script. It is …

Regarding the Nephilim.... 
I just completed a book on this very topic for my publisher, New Page Books - "The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim" - which releases in February of 2012. …

Nephilim as Biblical Myth and Nonsense 
Bible-believers have a problem, the Bible claims only Noah's family survived the flood, so the Nephilim should have been destroyed with no survivors. …

So, the dna had to be pure, no Nephilim lineage. So, if the land of Caanan was filled with Nephilim, and then the great grandmother of Jesus hailed from …

The Sons of God in Genesis 6 
For many years I, like most bible students, have pondered the mystery behind this complex passage in Genesis 6 concerning the Nephilim. The thought of …

The Nephilim: Before and After the Flood 
Many years ago I was in a conflict with a high priestess of the pagan goddess Ashtoreth. I learned much in that conflict. That high priestess had …

Adam and Eve; Satan and Lucifer - Angels in the Garden 
I will be as brief as possible, so you will need to look up the bible verses yourselves. Trees, on many occasions, represented powerful beings or nations …

So, is astrology evil? Or was it like people learning to run before they can walk?

Can the Nephilim be brought back again? 
Can demons, or the fallen angels who are not chained, sin again with human women to create the Nephilim? Will the Antichrist be born this way?

My own take on the Nephilim - Sons of God debate Not rated yet
In the book of enoch, there is given detail of these 'watchers' or 'sons of God' and their contributions to the further fall of mankind. It mentions …

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Possibly not Angels at all. Not rated yet
I am a religious man, I have read the bible, several times, but not much is said about the condition of the earth before, and during, and immediately after …

Thirsty for Knowledge on the Sons of God Not rated yet
Yes, very interesting indeed. I would love to know if it still happens. Are they considered evil because their offspring were?

The world according to Lindsey Not rated yet
The REAL and Truthful history of mankind has been twisted, rewritten and purposefully made erroneous by ignoring the findings of palaeontology,(Palaeogene …

Sons of God Not rated yet
Seems to me that it is a class of priests of sorts and may not have been called priests at that time, the intermingling of offspring has been known to …

Did God create Death, Satan, Evil, from non-existence when there was none prior? Not rated yet
My daughter asked me a question today. A question among many I dread answering because my studies through out the years have been so complex, and my mind …

Days of Noah part 2 Not rated yet
Part 2 of 2: Then we have Genesis 6. Regardless of ones way of explaining this chapter, go back to the top and read what Jesus said about those days. …

Days of Noah part 1 Not rated yet
#1 of 2 parts- Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Mat 24:38 For as in the days that were before …

Genetic Alteration  Not rated yet
Genetic Alteration What has happened in the past is happening now! Whether Angels can have sex organs can be redundant argument. I'm not given to …

The Sons of God in Genesis Not rated yet
The sons of god left heaven by their own free will. They were not sent by God. Jesus says no marriage in heaven for angels. Jesus never said that angels …

The Book of Enoch in Jude Not rated yet
The NT Book of Jude references the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim (which in Hebrew means "fallen ones"). Jude further seems to agree with the the Enoch …

The Return of the Nephilim Not rated yet
I think the answer about how the nephilim could have returned despite the flood is simple. The mistake that people make is assuming that God sent the flood …

The Origin of Man Not rated yet
We are not the product of evolution rather; an infusion of biological, technological implementations of the Creators who sought to engineer a race of Men …

Nephilim 2.0 Not rated yet
I don't think it's a mystery at all. If they were here prior to the flood, then why couldn't they be here again after the flood. The nephilim after all, …

Response to Blaming Ham (for the Nephilim) Not rated yet
Someone responded recently to something I'd written about the Nephilim, inasmuch as I'd mentioned Ham's children as the source of the POST flood advent …

The UR-antia Papers Explains This All Not rated yet
(856.6) 77:2.3 The post-rebellion era on Urantia witnessed many unusual happenings. A great civilization — the culture of Dalamatia — was going to pieces. …

YAHWEH's Daughter Not rated yet
It is no mystery who the Watchers are for YAH has told us in Gen. 6:1-4, and as one reads further we understand why our FATHER YAH destroyed Sodom and …

The Nephilim Not rated yet
What about when it says that Nephilim were on the earth after the flood, if they all died in the flood what Nephilim survived? Only Noah's family was left. …

Dorothy Not rated yet
The Nephilim were indeed on the earth in the days prior to the flood, and after the flood, just as Gen. 6:4 says. They were a hybrid of half human/half …

Modern Day Technologies Not rated yet
I recently came across a picture on youtube of a woman walking with what seemed like a mobile phone on a Charlie Chaplin clip. The woman was seen talking. …

Prophet Frederick Not rated yet
The book of Enoch clearly explains the Watchers, the Nephilim and Azazel, the angel who taught the secrets of divine knowledge to man. This cannot be ruled …

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