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Dec 19, 2010
Again Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch
by: Stanley7

I, Stanley7 spoke to Lord Jesus Christ that you, David raised your own hell to make your all comments WRONG anyway anywhere. Lord Jesus Christ allowed me to say to you, David that your truly injustice anywhere is a always threat to our own best excellent justice everywhere. Always yes and true!

We, Jesus and Stanley7 forgive you, David again, as for you still do not know what to do how to save the Earth. You are still from below again, because you, David get far away truly behind us only. That is why you, David could not do all 7,000 pages with all dates, so you, David could not memorize with all 7,000 pages with all dates. Lord Jesus Christ and I together know all them already steadily ever best as always on Earth. Thank you again. Bye again. Stanley7

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