Chinese Calendar from 360-day from Ur

by Elijah
(Kenosha, WI, USA)

The Chinese Calendar is a 12-year calendar of Jupiter. Jupiter orbits 7 times in 83 years, almost exactly to the Julian date. Accumulating, this is then 14 times in 166 years. Quickly noted is that the current Chinese calendar with a 237bc Era, falsely claimed with a 2637bc Era, has already drifted its 12-year zodiac of Jupiter in these mere 166 years. However, in its original 360-day calendar cycle (though having very erratic scattered dates) is retained in 12-year cycle (84 years and 168 years) until 427 years when 36 orbits are 433 calendar years of 360-day.

It has finally drifted that one year in 432 instead of one year in 83. This 427 years is when Abram was told by Jova (Jupiter) to leave Ur. The connection between Jova and Jehovah is that this planet is only one of the million facets to be noting about the great I Am that proves himself to be what he is as God.

This 12-year calendar was created by Yu, the first king of the world which many traditions are always wrongly claiming is Nimrod (Narmer or Nar the son of Cush born in the city of Kish and named by Israel in Egypt as Nar Merod). Yu exists in three forms, as founder of the city Xia China (1437bc), as the first king (2207bc), and as Chaldea (100-year old Shelah born in 2333bc). The Korean Era takes Shelah's birth in Ararat and presumes it to be foundation in Korea (2333bc Oct 3) on the day Jia-Dragon (Noah's 7th month 7th day).

The current name Jia (Romanized as Kiah) is 1st of the 10-day decade cycle but Genesis proves it means 7 (as in when the 40-day Flood ended on the 27th of the 3rd month) and that in years there are two systems, the 7 of Noah's decades, and the 7 of Adam's decades. The 60-year cycle was never created by man nor Yu but is a result of God being a result of math that 12-year cycle will meet six decades. This was discovered in year 60 of Yu, now claimed to be 60 years of Huang Di (falsely 2697-2637bc) while Yu is given 100 years as 2333-2233bc by some records but as 2205bc by other records.

The true year of kingship is honored in Babylon's 747bc (Egyptian new year Thoth on Feb 26) as 365 leap days in 1460 years back to 2207bc. This is the year that Ur's founder Peleg Mes.Anipada's son Reu A.Anipada was almost 32 years old and fathered his own son Serug. The new year Reu (Yu) became king in 2207bc is 360-day because the 365-day Egyptian calendar (Thoth) did not exist yet until 2030bc Pamenot 1 (sothic Memphis July 17) 72 days after Peleg's death, 70-day absence of the star Sothis.

This is 340 years 85 leap days after the Flood, though Seder Olam Rabbah places the date as 2033bc July 17 Pamenot regarding it as only one 72-year cycle after the Flood 2105bc. Formula = old 73 x 360 = new 72 x 365.(Possibly a local flood of Ur, perhaps up to the foundation of the ziggurat base, which perhaps was started that year). This Pamenot new year is now Persian 7th month since the pre-Exodus Thoth plague of 1513bc Sept 6 which made Thoth the reformation new year's day. So the Jewish Seder Olam agrees the original Egyptian inauguration became the Persian Pamenoth month. Today the two Persian calendars Zoroaster (388bc) and Yezdezred (632 AD) are shifted 5 days apart by preference to which months match Egyptian. The Zoroaster calendar matches three months Thoth 1 thru Hatyr 30 to post-Exodus Egypt's 1st thru 3rd months, and the Yezdezred matches Kayak 1 thru Mekir 30 to post-Exodus Egypt's 4th thru 6th months. But with original pre-Exodus epagum days after Mekir 30, the original Egyptian months retained by Persian is Pamenot thru Mesor. Zoroaster restores the Persian Thoth 24 Christmas by moving the epagum day which are currently after Mesor 30, and shifting them forward the 3 months to after Hatyr 30.

Yezdezred then shifts the whole Zoroaster calendar back 5 days so that Kayak 25 Christmas will be Egyptian (pre-Exodus and post-Exodus) being in the 6 months not shifted at Exodus. Briefly, at Exodus the Egyptians moving the epagum day new year retained Thoth thru Mekir and shifted Pamenot thru Mesor, while the Persian (whether deliberate or by accident) shifted the Thoth thru Mekir and retained the Pamenot thru Mesor. Because the Pamenot new year of 2030bc inauguration (or Seder 2033bc) drifts back without leap day to Exodus March, the total drift from Flood 2370bc to Exodus 1513bc is 7 months from October back to March. This is Gregorian September back to February; and so this is clearly evidence that the Chinese did not do any 365-day reformation of restoring 6 months because new year is still in February.

Such is the case since 1437bc after king Yu 60-year analysis (1497-1437bc) motivating the trek to leave India and build Xia China.

But the original Yu created this 60 years by his 12-year in 360-day calendar that cycles as our Julian 59 years. In fact these 60 years of 360-day equal two orbits of Saturn in 60 years (our 59 years) from 2207-2148bc (the birth of Serug to the birth of Terah. For some bizarre motivation of spirit, everything seems literally to be opposite of what people conclude. For example, people presume that terah moved from Ararat to Ur when he was born in Ur and moved at his death to die in his son's city of Harran away from Ur, and his house that they burned to the ground so AmarPal couldnt have it. Another example claims English came to Hattusa Ararat in Turkey to conquer it instead of comprehending that all Englishs came from forefathers in Hattusa. Even words in Ur are English.

King Shulgi is called Dungi for a reason. Terah now means earth, it is his father and son who both died in suicide to join dead Peleg in heaven one year after Peleg's death. So his family was divided. But so was Ur divided, because Hyksos kings left Ur before the suicide, leaving between 360-day new year All Saints Year 2031bc Nov 1 and the Christmas Eve suicide on Kayak 24 = 2030bc May 5, (and Ararat's Shem took them to Canaan, dividing then to Egypt); but Asian kings left after the suicide to go build Mari Syria where they reformed the 360-day Chinese calendar to be 365-day Egyptian new year 2029bc July 16, while Hindu stayed (and shrugged their shoulders).

This doesn't mean the 360-day Chinese calendar ceased merely because 365-day was accepted. In fact, the 360-day thus stays behind in Ur with the Hindu, while Chinese in Mari Syria have the new reformed until 1437bc. But Mari was destroyed in 1762bc sending Jacob in 1761bc flight back to Canaan. And all the Asians were taken to Babylon by Hamurabi until the death of Amizaduga in 1625bc freed them to leave and follow Hindu to India with the Venus Tablet dates that reconstruct all world chronology. These Hindu in Babylon had fled the 1900bc destruction of Ur by Ararat Hittites when Shelah died at 433. (Korean's Era 2333bc to 1900bc.) And so the four Asian divisions of Babylon (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Mayans) followed these Hindu to India where they dwelt from 1625-1437bc.

Yu takes the Pamenot new year from 1513bc March 9 to 1437bc Feb 19 and fixes it to these 76 lunar years. This is derived from thinking that 1437bc is 1200-year Sothis from 2637bc mistaking Sothis as Venus whose 1200 Egyptian years span 1199 Julian +5 days when atoned by subtracting 60 days. Yet the tradition held strong that 1200 years is 12-year Jupiter which mathematically is horridly disgracefully false, (a lie). But the perception that calendar existed 1200 years back to 2637bc produced in Yu's 1st year 1497bc the formula that 19x 60 Chinese Julian are 60x 19 lunar Julian. But this 19-year does not belong to a false calendar inauguration 2637bc; it belongs to 365-day Chinese inauguration of 2029bc as 532 years (28x 19 = 19x 28) as Dionysius calculated for Jesus in 532 AD.

And that 19-year lunar since 2029bc Mari Syria is also 600 years of 360-day to 1437bc. (10x 60 i the original Chinese created by Reu /Yu the son of Peleg.) Lunar recognition of this 19-year was made by Moses at 40 in 1554bc (and also at the foundation of Stonehenge England) when the Egyptian 25-year lunar calendar of the city Nisan (2017bc Isan) was brought from Ur to Egypt in 1943-1942bc comparing 75 years (3x25) to 76 years (4x 19). Moses noted that Kayak 24 (2029bc May 5 when the Dog star Sothis sets) was now 1554bc Jan 7 just after winter solstice (which drifts from a Jan 6 of 2029bc to a Jan 3 or 4 of 1554bc) retained since 2029bc as a leaping Egyptian date (staying on Jan 6). Jannes the high preist over Moses insisted Kayak 24 was the January 6 solstice of 2029bc.

The math doesn't add because though 19x 25 = 25x 19, the 19 x 25 Egyptian years are not 25x 19 Julian years. The 19x 309 lunar months are not 25 x 235 lunar months but rather 1554bc May 5 is four months after Jan 6. Thus this 1554bc noted in England and Egypt is for certain in the hands of Yu and the Chinese in India (1497bc) enroute for Xia China. The 1513bc global Armageddon disaster by a comet has made its mark to reform all calendars worldwide. BUT always after disaster, not as a living preventative of death.

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Mar 09, 2017
Reconstructions by Religious Pompous Jackass
by: Anonymous

I would like to add that YouTube has a TV evangelist that tackles esteemed men on evolution (but also confront anything of other religious people, such as the Mormons). The guy once sent me an email because he wants someone to buy and donate THE BOOK OF CALENDARS from Amazon which i mention 360-day calendar in Ur. Thus he accused me of saying no 360-day calendar existed before Ur, and said Just what i thought, you fabricate things as you go along. So he as all what proof that his reconstructions are not fabrications as he goes along. Arrogantly the pompous ass thinks he stands alone on reconstructing THE TRUTH without having to include all known calendars and all ancient astronomy (the only potentials that ancient Venus and Mars and Jupiter could have by any culture nation people etc).

Nov 02, 2015
PDF question
by: Elijahovah

I never had PDF problems before. Now suddenly my PDFs are in reversal. Found a site that uploads and unreverses them, but i don't see where it should have happened at all to begin with Steve Jobs Bill Gates and a God who says one down one to go. (Refers to them being rich men giving us Lazarus the scraps.) The computer age is for an attempt to save all good knowledge thru Armageddon where no future system of computers will exist after this disaster obliterates materialism (cars grocery stores everything below 8000 feet put under salt water as well as broken to shreds by earthquakes; you don't sink land and bring it up without cracking it literally everywhere which breaks everything)

Nov 02, 2015
Basic Fact: People change systems and then denied it was ever changed
by: Elijahovah

I grew up where people said things then denied they said it. A JW woman told my dad that when Jehovah says gravity pulls man back to Earth that it means man will never land on the moon. The same woman said i had no faith because i realized that time without mother Eve, and mother Eve, and sin allowed the 7th day to begin decades after 1975. Again liars are not people who are wrong, but the ones who deny they said wrong. A corrected man is better than a liar who comes up with more failed embellished truths. This is why I have learned to DOUBLE check my math or I would have a fake Marduk and another fake Zacharia Sitchin. I have just taken the leaping Halloween of Peleg and the leaping Christmas of Noah and made a single page CHART of these dates, and PDFd the dates. THEY are 360-day and 365-day. EEEk i just realized i sent the Halloween dates out already and it had errors OMG. Well i have learned to respect Josephus, takes time. I can see his works change as he writes and to people that seems like incompetent contraditions. My criticism has lessoned of him and we are so lucky to have calculators.

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