The Nephilim & Gnostic Gospels

by Youth Pastor Cj

The book of Enoch, as with the other "LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE", are gnostic texts and were considered to be heretical by the church fathers, kind of like the Gospel of Judas! The gospel of Mary and other books were not canonized because they were not divinely inspired.

They were works and writings of a cult group of Christians after the death of Christ who denied the sovereignty of God and the the divinity of Christ.

We cant afford to be deceived, we are too close to our eternal reward!!!!

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Jan 27, 2013
WRONG - The Gnostics True Intentions
by: Da Vid

The Gnostics were a natural step from the original Egyptian 'Christ' myth, where Christ is Wisdom from God given to men of flesh. Then the Gnostics tried to work with this to preach a more Eastern and mystical religion. These original Divinely inspired men were completely destroyed, tortured and murdered, books and knowledge destroyed (but in a loving way I'm sure) to make Wisdom the myth an historical human being.

All the meaning has been lost to those who seek the historical rather than allegorical interpretation. They are following the doctrine of the men who deceived the world and brought us the Dark Ages.

Mar 13, 2012
"US" and "WE"
by: Anonymous

Interesting comments. I wonder if the US and WE usage describes position in all cultures/languages, since the plural exists in multiple sources?

Feb 24, 2012
The Royal "Us"
by: James

I always thought the "us" and "we" are the Royal use of the pronouns. Using them in such a way was supposed to convey the position of the being speaking.

It can also be an order or directive, and still be spoken by a singular being.

Feb 24, 2012
Christians, Aliens & The Nephilim
by: David Sheriff

There were many people practicing Christianity before Christ in Iraq & Sinai. The Book of Enoch should be in the Bible; as it clearly points to Divinity with the Watchers/Angels, both good and bad, and clearly a reference to our modern day watchers that are undoubtedly alien.

The UFO conundrum is connected to our religions of the World. Genesis says " Let US make MAN in our image!". In Chapter 11, it says "Let US go down and confuse their tongue!"

The Ascension of Saul and Christ maybe a beaming aboard a spacecraft.

Emperor Constantine in AD 325 was responsible for concocting today┬┤s Bible. He alone, with his Bishops, decided what should be incorporated or deleted from the Bible. In the Holy Koran there is also a line; " We have fashioned you into many Nations so that ye may know one another."

Plurals occur in every religion. Hinduism also. We do NOT understand our Religions in truth.

Tchau David

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