Minoans in Crete, Egypt and Tel Kabri, Canaan part I

by Lujack Skylark

Minoans deliver Egyptian king Amenemhet II 1777-1743 B.C.tribute in his 28th year 1749 B.C. when Babylon's king Samsui-luna begins reign in 1749 B.C. The Minoans may have established a site at Tel Kabri,Canaan at this time in world history.

Minoans build Egyptian king Senusret II 1743-1724 B.C. (Biblical Time)a temple at Lahun. Some Minoans enter Egypt in Senusret III's reign 1724-1685 B.C. entering Avaris in 1702 B.C. the same year Jacob and the Canaanite/Hyksos enter Egypt during the global famine. (Genesis 41:57)

Minoans build the Labyrinth at Crete. Egyptian king Amenemhet III 1685-1640 B.C. builds a Labyrinth in Egypt.

Minoans,Egyptians and Tel Kabri citizens all have trade with Babylon's king Ammi-ditanni 1683-1647 B.C. Minoans from Crete have good trade relations with Egyptian king Amenemhet IV 1640-1631 B.C. & queen Sobekneferu 1631-1628 B.C.(The next king on the Abydos kings list after Amenemhet IV is Ahmose)

Minoans living at Avaris must have sided with Thebean king Ahmose 1628-1603 B.C. in Egypt's civil war since a Minoan ax was found in Ahmose mother's grave. Ahmose wins victory and the Hyksos who supported Sobekneferu leave Egypt. Minoans and Hebrews become friends in Egypt's delta during Amenhotep I's reign.

Josephus stated Thermuthis (from the Thutmose family)saved infant Moses. She was princess Hatshepsut whose father Thutmose I was the Hebrew male baby slayer. Queen Hatshepsut worshiped the cow goddess Hathor, Minoan boys loved leaping over bulls and the Hebrews in the wilderness after the Exodus worshiped the golden calf.

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Feb 27, 2012
Minoan Pottery
by: Tom

Middle Minoan pottery if dated 1750-1650 B.C. could now be linked to Amenemhet II 1777-1743 B.C.

Senusret II 1743-1724 B.C.

Senusret III 1724-1685 B.C. & Amenemhet III 1685-1640 B.C. reigns in this new Middle Minoan and Egypt link should the 12th dynasty represent these dates.

Amenemhet II's 28th year 1749 B.C. the Minoans brought Amenemhet II the Tod treasure.

Feb 26, 2012
The Minoan Connection
by: Walter

The Minoan connection will one day unlock the true Middle-East chronology, matching all cultural trade relations and strata correctly within the realm of exposing actual Canaanite history, and the Hebrew link in real history of Egypt and Canaan.

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