Racial Make-up of the Sons of Noah

by Steve Fig
(Gardnerville, Nevada)

The sons of Noah are Adamic. the Chinese, Sumerians, blacks, etc are pre-Adamic (before 4000 B.C.). Adam means red/to blush/fair. The Sumerians are "caucasian" but date well before that, as do the dynasties of China or the blacks in Africa. In time migrations and assimilaion have murkied these pools of people

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Mar 17, 2018
The two houses of Judah Gen 38:1 NEW
by: Anonymous

At an age of 15-20 Judah left his father's camp and chose a wife of Nephilim descent and had three sons. Shelia survived .. and on his death bed Judah said from you shall come my Kings which the Angels spoke. Wrong house.

Judah also crossed on Tamar to whom he gave his signet and his staff .. Perez gave the kings and all were covenant. Judah and Solomon both produced idol worshipers by the bucket full and Judah died a fool.

Judah also caused the Esau Jacob grazing allotments to be broken which caused Jacob to have to kill Esau.

When Jesus said go to that place and you will find a donkey colt (male) tied to a purple vine next to a house .. what is being said here? The donkey colt outside the house of Judah because he could never see all the chaos he started.

Christ has no fallen angel blood in him. "And by grace you are saved" .. grace is a dysfunctional Greek word which can not be tied concretely to any meaning .. thanks KJ's .. in Hebrew we read - foundation, temple, slaughtered and Prince. And by the foundation of God's Temple which is Christ Crucified .. you are saved.

Aug 07, 2012
Western Civilization Compared
by: Chris

Robert I have read your comments quite a few times here on various blogs of various subjects. I respect your views and to some extent you make some valid points (don't over obsess on the past too much and enjoy life).

However when it comes to race and God's laws on race, when it comes to archeological and linguistic and biblical historical proof on which races achieved what scientifically, which were great, which were average, and which achieved almost nothing - and then by intermarrying with more advanced ancient races, it caused their new descendants to do the same and their civilizations to decline dramatically in the same way. In cases like that it becomes critically important in deciding what race you marry and how that will affect the abilities of your children.

India, for example, has been free of colonization for over 60 years, has access (free or for a small price) to the Western World's vast archives of advanced modern technologies, and to some small extend is technologically advanced BECAUSE OF THIS.

However the vast majority of Indian (and usually these are also far darker skinned Indians) live in absolute squalor, poverty and ignorance. They indulge in a wide variety of un-hygenic, superstitious fetishes from worshiping and eating rats to drinking cow urine. They will never be able to compete with 'the West' scientifically on a 'fair playing ground' due to that mentality which cannot even vaguely be compared to Christian 'superstition'. Like-wise with much of the Middle East.

Do you want your Western civilization in America or Europe to end up that way for your children, as well by not studying the lessons of history ?

The Middle East was once white [as this article we are commenting on proves] and prophetically speaking 'so was Europe & America' (they will say).

Jan 21, 2012
by: Robert Marshall

There are over 6 billion people on this planet. If we go back far enough we end up with Adam and Eve , or not. Who came from where doesn't matter. If it matters to you, in time, you will be dead, and then it won't matter to you either. If there is a God and He created everyone, then I guess he has a plan for everything.

If man came from aliens, then who created the aliens? We come into this world, knowing nothing, and when we leave we take nothing with us. We can sit around and guess this or guess that, and what do we have to show for it? I guess we have to do something while we are here, so we fill our minds with information to make us think we are smart.

Our bodies are programed with everything it needs to function. We have no conrol over it. There are no buttons to push to control heartbeat, kidneys, lungs,stomach, or all the other functions that the body has. So either God planned all that before creation, or it just happened. If God created everything out of nothing, I am glad He got it right. Sin and error control this world.

We can't even get history right. The best we can do is stumble through life, and enjoy life. Death comes to everyone sooner or later. If there is a heaven, like God's word says, I can't wait to get there. It seems that everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.

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