This Bible passage also troubled me so much. Does this statement mean literally, ? As stated, "they were sons of God," I think it is not right to call them as one who is of God, His "sons." I want to hear some more biblical explanation on this. I believe that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Ghost, but as to spirit beings having children with humans without God's intervention, how come??? Could it be that the verse is not accurately translated from the original text?

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Sep 16, 2011
Sons of God
by: Robert Marshall

Everything seems complicated until you know the answer. Isn't it amazing how we talk about what we know? There is an answer to every question. It doesn't mean we are stupid, just ignorant. Once we know the answer to the question, then we are no longer ignorant of the subject.

God gives us information on every subject in the Bible. The Bible answers every question. The Bible say's the carnal mind can't understand the word of God, because it is Spiritually discerned. Concerning the Son's of God in Genesis.

They are no different than the Son's of God in today's world. One of the reasons God's people got into trouble in The day's of the twelve tribes was they married people outside of their tribe. God said do not be unequally yoked. A christian cannot marry a non-christian.

In the book of Ephesians ch. 4 God tells us that Jesus after he died went and preached to the captives that died in the flood of Noah's day. In the book of first Peter God gives us more information on this subject. ch. 3 vs. 18 to 20. David was a son of God and the apple of His eye, but David sinned against God and had a child with Bathsheba. God knows the beginning from the end.

He saw all this before He said [ Let there be light]. This is God's creation and He created the way He wanted to. It doesn't matter what we think about it. We can complain about how it isn't fair, but God will not change it because we don't like it. If we are not led by the Holy Spirit to understand God's word we will never get it. Nobody can change that.

We can read the Bible and get a lot of stories and history, but to understand the mysteries of God's Word that is exclusively given to the Holy Spirit to teach that.

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