Jericho's History

by Rex
(St. Louis)

The lastest archeologist found artifacts at Jericho of Amenhotep III, who received the Tel-Amarna letters from Canaanite kings when Joshua invaded Canaan.

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Dec 05, 2012
Jericho's Curse
by: Anonymous

Jericho was destroyed by Joshua no doubt when Amenhotep III reigned over Egypt. There was a curse placed over the ruins. (Joshua 6:26) The first born of Hi'el will lay the foundation and his youngest son shall set up the gates in the reign of Israel's king Ahab. (I Kings 16:33-34)

From the time Joshua destroyed Jericho 600+ years past until Jericho was rebuilt.

Dec 04, 2012
Last Egyptian King to have Trade with Jericho
by: Blue Boy

Archaeologist found Amenhotep III scarabs at Jericho. He was the last king to have trade with Jericho for the following reasons.

Akenaton received tribute from the Hittites, Mitanni, Assyrians and Babylonians but no tribute from the Canaanite kings as Akenaton had abandoned them. The Canaanite were being attacked by the Haribu (Hebrews) mentioned in the Tel-Amarna letters.

Semenkare,Tutankhamen,Ay,Horemheb and Ramses I all had trouble with the Hittites north of Israel. They had no trade with Jericho according to archaeologist discoveries.

Seti I and Ramses II waged war against the Hittites until Ramses II had made peace with them.
Archaeologist found their artifacts at Beth-Shean a city not occupied by the Israelites at this time.

Merneptah I stated, "Israel destroyed her seed not". Israel had won victories against Mitanni king Cushan-Rishathaim, Moab's king Eglon and Jabin the Canaanite. No activity at Jericho.

Amenmesses, Seti II, Merneptah II, Tausert and Setnakht all had dealings with the Syrians.
Ramses III had trouble with the Sea People's. Egypt was too busy with external enemies. No trade with Jericho.

Ramses VI withdraws the last Egyptian forces from the region of Canaan and Sinai. Ramses VI dies. Judge Jair (Judges 10:3-4) then builds 30 cities in Israel.

There is no trade with Jericho! Egyptian king Amenhotep III was the last king to have trade with Jericho before Joshua destroyed the city!

Dec 04, 2012
Jericho and the Egyptian King
by: Mike

Further proof the Bible is historically accurate and the Bible is God's word!

Egyptian king Amenhotep III was the last Egyptian king to collect tribute from the Canaanites before Jericho was destroyed.

Amenhotep III's son Akenaton collected tribute from the Hittites, Mitanni, Assyrians and Babylonians. Akenaton also received the Tel-Amarna letters from Canaanite kings stating the Haribu (Hebrews) had invaded Canaan. Akenaton sent no troops to defend the Canaanites and Akenaton lost tribute from Canaanite kings.

Akenaton was a prince when his father Amenhotep III reigned at the time the sun stood still in the sky for almost 24 hours. (Joshua 10:12-14)
Amenhotep III declared himself the sun-god to calm down the Egyptian people's fears when the sun stood idle in the sky.

Akenaton, soon after Joshua died, declared that Egyptians would worship only one god called Aton the sun-god. Akenaton falsely believed Joshua worshipped and held power over the sun and Akenaton wanted that power. Akenaton's poetry some say is similar to Psalms 104:19.

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