Nephilim civil war mentioned in the Mahabharata?

The book of Enoch mentions that G-d directed Gabriel to incite a civil war between the Giants/Nephilim. I have looked for any stories/myths/examples of this being mentioned in history. After reading the ancient India text "the Mahabharata" I think I have found a reference. All the hero's and main characters in this text are claimed to have divine origins- either sons of G-ds, self produced without being born in the womb, or some other "magical/special" birth. All of these heroes are described as being huge/super strength/extreme speed/advanced weapons/knowledge/ect, and these are the rules/kings of men. In the Mahabharata a war brakes out between these heroes who are all related to each others (cousins/uncles/bothers/ect). All but just a handful of these heroes are killed in this civil war. The weapons and feats that are described in this book can only be attested to either an epic sci-fi imagination or the description of a Nephilim civil war. It is my belief that the Mahabharata is the description of Enoch's civil war between the Nephilim. This is the only ancient text that I have found that describes beings, with "g-ds" as fathers, subject the whole earth to their rule and then having a civil war between each other for control of the world. I'm just wondering if anyone else has researched ancient texts and come to the same conclusions?

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Apr 30, 2024
Enoch/mabarata NEW
by: Anonymous

My research and conclusions brought me to this page. I totally agree with you.

Feb 03, 2024
Agreed NEW
by: Anonymous

I had recently read both and thought the same thing. It even seems as if some of names are the same as some of the angels mentioned in the book of enoch. I found this thread by researching thus very idea.

Jun 29, 2023
Zechariah Sitchin/The War of God's and Men NEW
by: Mr Anonymous

It sounds eerily similar to what I was researching into especially, in Egyptian Mythology about the war with Horus and his uncle Set because of killing Horus' father Osiris it led into a series of battles until Horus finally succeeded in stopping Set. That's just my opinion of it, if you have more to comment please feel free to do so!

Feb 14, 2022
Constructive Criticism NEW
by: Makaneek

I personally disagree, because I don't view the Book of Enoch to be divinely inspired scripture. Common material would make sense here, however, because parts of The Book of Enoch could very well have common source with parts of Mahabharat as well as parts of an old Persian epic called Shahnameh, so I think its possible all three legends may in part derive from the Biblical Enoch of Genesis 5. I take the interpretation that the Nephilim are what Genesis 6:4 describes them as in the original Hebrew, that is to say, mighty men of renown. Just my thoughts though.

Dec 05, 2019
Mahabharata is story of Nephilims NEW
by: Sam

I completely agree. You can clearly see the Pandavas were actual defendants of fallen angels in one part they are completely described as descendants of half snake and half human. They are shown as extremely strong and described as the best in the world.

But ironic thing is they were kept referring as humans in the text. Whereas clearly their ancestry were supernatural people one that of nephilims. Till date the argument is that when did the Mahabharata happened no one has a confirm time and date. As per the Wikipedia it happened 400 BC. that is similar time to Malachi in Bible.

But I speculate this story to be before the great flood. Because the defences of demons and other angelic creatures existed then. Then it should also exist now. But these similar stories connect to the Greek Zeus and Hercules times half god and half man. Or the Egyptian about half human and half gods. The whole world’s ancient architecture is shouting out loud that the world was ruled by nephilims and that’s why God had to destroy it completely and start afresh. Because normal humans cannot and will not be able to deal with these creatures.

My research is on and I speculate the Indian history connects to the flood. As India has loads of gods who descended from human woman and heavenly beings.

Oct 22, 2017
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree. I come from a Hindu background. I think the Gita is indeed about the nephilim civil war.

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