The Nephilim in Genesis 6 were Spirits Ghosts Clouds of Mist

by Jeff Rice
(Lansing, MI, United States)

The Antichrist

The Antichrist

The whole Theme of GOD'S WORD is Cleave TO GOD or Leave GOD for the World, what can Lucifer Satan offer us to get us to give up following GOD BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT? That's the Question.

So the Nephilim Giants in Genesis 6 were Spirits "The Fallen Angels" Influencing Tempting Temptations of Lust of the Flesh Lust of the Eyes Leading to Pride of Life. That's the Theme, look how it's always the same patterns. They fall away from following GOD and harken to the gods of the Daughters of men that the they married.

No Fallen Angels had impregnated Daughters of Men in producing Half Angel Half Human offspring, Didn't happen, it's a Fable Fallacy being pushed, in fact, you have to go outside GOD'S WORD to other corrupted sources laden in Perversions in order to contemplate such an argument, thus Mixing GOD'S WORD (SEED OF GOD) with Human Carnality Opinions of Men (seed of man carnality fleshly) - that's mixing the seed of Man with the SEED OF GOD.

The Sons of GOD were led by GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT, anyone led by GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT Were/Are The Sons of GOD - to be clear, Sons can equal/mean Nations, so The Nations of GOD Lusted after Other The GODLESS Nations of Worldly Carnality ( Those not of or following GOD ) Worldly Nations that had other gods.

Here is a picture of Spirit Nephilim Pharaoh, we can continue if you would like. I just hope it helps people focus in the right direction and not falling for fables laced with Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, leading them to Pride of Life.

Knowledge Puffeth Up

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