My own take on the Nephilim - Sons of God debate

In the book of enoch, there is given detail of these 'watchers' or 'sons of God' and their contributions to the further fall of mankind.

It mentions the different names of these particular watchers and how they taught the people about all sorts of what one could call "pagan" practices. Astrology, wearing make up, medicine etc...are mentioned as being taught to the people that these "sons of God" interacted with.

Now the debate, as much as I can follow it, seems to be between WHO the 'sons of God' were in these texts.

Some theologians state that the "sons of God" where rebellious sons of Seth who came down from their mountain to investigate the beautiful daughters of Cane's progeny.

In opposition to this, I have read the hypothesis that these 'sons of God' are angelic in nature, not human at all and are of an angelic class created with the purpose of watching human beings and the goings on of the peoples of the earth.

The Bible avoids or even completely neglects to give much detail on the different classes of angelic beings. There are some broad overviews etc, but nothing specific. I believe this to be a deliberate and purposeful omission as I believe the Holy Spirit wants to avoid mankind creating gods out of angels. Because let's face it, people are just like that. Easily caught up by such things. Even today there are people who pray to angels and not directly to Christ.

Now having read much of both The Bible, which I believe is indeed written by the Holy Spirit through the hand of those chosen, and some of the books outside of the Bible which I do not recognize as the work of the Holy Spirit, (but in some cases as genuine accounts of oral history then translated into the written word) - it becomes evident to me that the 'sons of God" who are credited with being the fathers of the nephilim, cannot possibly be the descendants of Seth.

The children of Seth were instructed in the ways of God. Where then would they learn arts that God considers unfit and unhealthy for his children to practice? It was only Adam and Eve who received the knowledge of good and evil, NOT their offspring. And as far as I have read, Adam and Eve did not pass on any unGodly knowledge to their children. Otherwise the children and offspring of Cane would have already known these things.

So it is only obvious that these watchers were not human and were indeed some sort of angels. With their angelic bodies they conceived with the daughters of Cane and these children were born as abominations. Obviously because they were not ever meant to exist by God so they came out being "not good". They were described as being insatiable. Always hungry and they consumed all that the children of Cane could provide for them, so much so that they then began to eat animals and after that, they ate human beings and eventually, even their own offspring.

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