Why were Egyptian Pharoah's Senusret III and Thutmose III so Evil?

by Rex

Senusret III burned down Nubian villages slaying all the male inhabitants, carving up their bodies and burning them.

Nubian women captives, and children were carted away as slaves to other areas of Egyptian controlled Nubia.

Senusret III had his chief baker hanged. (Genesis 40:22) Joseph had to work for this evil Egyptian king. Luckily for the Egyptian people, the foreigner Joseph from Canaan was on their side.

Joseph worked with both the Egyptian and Canaanite economies (Genesis 47:13-17)

God protected Joseph from Senusret III's evil character. Senusret III had respected Joseph for interpreting his dream. (Genesis 41:1-57) Jospeph told the pharaoh his dream was revealed by God. Egypt then prospered in the global famine by having surplus grain to sell to the world.(Genesis 41:57) Senusret III likely changed his ways.

Thutmose III had fought 17 military campaigns in western Asia. He captured the kingdoms of foreign rulers and sent their sons to Egypt to study and worship Egypt's many gods.

Moses and his people suffered many hardships under Thutmose III's rule. Moses' God heard the Hebrews plight. God sent Thutmose III 10 plagues in order to release his people. Thutmose III never learned not to mess with Israel's God and lost his army and life in the Red Sea.

Egypt prospered the total 80 years from Joseph being Egypt's governor until Joseph's death.

Moses was 80 years old at the time of the Hebrew Exodus.

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Mar 20, 2013
Thutmoses III's Lack of Army
by: Anonymous

Amazing that Christians in the whole are not taught this. Its easy enough to work out by Googling 1440 BC against Egyptian history. Thutmoses III couldn't wage war in his later years. Why? He had no army is the answer.

But try telling that to a non believer? They will argue black is white before accepting there is a god. The devil blinds the eyes of the unbeliever.

Mar 08, 2012
Why were Senusret III & Thutmose III so evil?
by: Anonymous

These pharaoh's worshiped false gods, showing no compassion for people because Egyptian kings thought they were gods.

Rulers believing in false gods seldom have conscience.

Every generation since the fall of Adam has had tyrants for rulers. Justice will prevail only when the Lord returns.

Mar 04, 2012
Genesis 50:23
by: Tom

Joseph saw the third generation in Egypt. (Genesis 50:23) Jacob entered Egypt in 1702 B.C. Joseph lived 1741-1631 B.C.

Levi lived 6 years at Haran, 39 years in Canaan and 92 years in Egypt.

Kohath lived 12 years in Canaan and 121 years in Egypt.

Amram lived all 137 years in Egypt.

Moses was 80 years old at time of the Exodus.

92 + 121 + 137 + 80 = 430 accumulative years - not actual years.

Levi, Moses great-grandfather, lived 1747-1610 B.C.

Kohath, Moses grandfather, lived 1714-1581 B.C.
Amram, Moses father, lived.....1684-1547 B.C.
Moses 80 age at Exodus ....1575-1495 B.C.

There were only 56 years from Joseph's death to Moses birth.

Queen Sobekneferu 3 years. Ahmose 25 years. Amenhotep I 21 years and 7 years into Thutmose I reign = 56 years.

Joseph lived in Egypt for 93 years. Senusret III 39 years + Amenemhet III 45 years + Amenemhet IV 9 years = 93 years.

Thutmose I was slayer of Hebrew male infants and Thutmose III was the Exodus pharaoh.

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