Why the Land of Canaan?

by Leanne
(New Orleans)

I'm posing a question more than adding insight. I'm trying to figure out why Terah would have set off for Canaan?

There's nothing that says God gave him an insight, and the Biblical account doesn't give Abram's call to Canaan until after Terah's death. So my question is; why would Terah, a descendent of Shem, head to Canaan, the land of the cursed brother (Noah cursed Ham's son Canaan to be the servants of Shem and Japheth in Gn 9)? What was the draw to Canaan for Terah and his sons?

After I can get this question answered, my next question naturally becomes why, then, didn't Terah continue his journey into Canaan? What made him stop?

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Jan 07, 2011
Abraham in Canaan
by: Stanley7

First of all, in the beginning of Noah set to rule his first-world deaf slave grandson, Canaan in the true history a very long time ago. Noah told Canaan with his peoples go to OWN his true Land of Canaan in honor of his (Canaan's) name. Canaan 127, died in his own true home country of Canaan a very long time ago, too. Both Shem and Japheth decided to choose Canaan, their first-world deaf slave nephews with Canaan's all slave servants. Always yes and true!

When Terah's son, Haran, 70, died in UR, Chaldeans, Mesopotamia, Terah's draw/ plan were set yet for Canaan. Terah, 130, took Abram, 70, his son and Lot, 21, the son of Haran, his (Abram's) grandson and Sarai his (Terah's) daugther-in-law, his son Abram's wife and they went forth together from UR of the Chaldeans to go yet into the Land of Canaan, BUT when they came first to HARAN, Assyria, Mesopotamia, they SETTLED there, NOT go yet to Canaan. The days of Terah were 205 years, and Terah DIED in only Haran, BECAUSE OF HIS TOO-OLD AGE that STOPPED him in only Haran, NOT go yet to Canaan. Terah's son, Nahor, 75, and his families stayed in only Haran for their final settlements there at that time. In only HARAN, Assyria, Mesopotamia Lord God BEGAN to give Abram, 75, an insight to go into the Land of Canaan. No, Abram's call had been NEVER made yet to Canaan. As for Himself Lord God was the first one to CALL to Abram to go there.

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