Why Abraham Had to Leave His Family

by kenneth howard
(barbourville ky. 40906)

well the way I see it terah could not give up his aduldrous ways so I say Abraham served god and was a man of god and did not want his family deceived by that so they had to journey on to a better envirement

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Mar 09, 2017
Abram went with Terah, not Terah with Abram
by: Anonymous

Terah did not stay in Harran in choice not to go to Canaan with Abram. Instead Terah was dying, thus the fact exists he wanted to die safely in Harran, not in dangerous Ur. The reason is because the king that took over Ur is AmarPal (Amarsin) the son of Shulgi. How bad is this king? Sodom had no homos until Amar-Sin took the people away and Ur's soldiers sodomized the boys. Thus it was Abram who brought the homos back to Sodom, corrupting the city 17 years later. The damage was done by AmarPal who defeated did not die because this was his 7th year and his rule ended with a 9th year. Also Jasher says Amarpal lived to be 215 (thinking its Nimrod, but all records prove astronomy is worshipped as year 6000 countdowns in the year baby Judah was born in Harran Syria and Nimrod died natural death at 500 as the last of human gods whose longevity dropped to 137-year Ishmael or 180-year Isaac).

Now Terah then had reason to leave Ur if AmarPal was unsafe to be around. The fact is king Shulgi (AmarPal's father) was dying the same time and age as Terah. (A 205-year Marduk is the 780-day calendar of Mars in 208 years of 360-day. Get your calculator out.) Jasher says AmarPal wanted to throw Abram in the same furnace as Haran. What Jasher is wrong about is that this HELL-fire that Haran was throne into was 86 years before Abram flees Ur. Haran was 49 (2078-2029bc) Abram was born 11 years later (2018bc) and was 75 when leaving Ur. When Ur's founder Peleg (from Kish) died at age 239, the next year 148-year old Nahor and grandson Haran committed suicide killing their 68 wives (excluding Lot's mother who wisely got pregnant) to join Peleg as the first man in heaven. Our excavations of Ur prove six men killed them with a pick-axe in the head tipped in mercury. Only one wife kept the princess aluminum foil tiara (still rolled up) clenched in her fist as if to say if we are going to heaven then i can put it on when we get there.
Thus by saying Abram should go into the same furnace of HELL that suicide-Haran did, is saying that when king Shulgi dies then AmarPal wants Abram's dying father to join Shulgi in heaven with childless Abram and Sarai. This is a reason to flee and explains why they would burn their house down before leaving. It is possible that AFTER leaving that AmarPal made a decree to put both Terah & Abram in a furnace to burn them the same way they burned AmarPal by not letting him take the house. Thus Terah was saving Abram's life and unborn sons by deserting Ur and his house (destroying that house) when he could have said As soon as I die go flee Ur. Wrong, Terah had faith wanting to see Abram was alive before Terah would die. Why Harran Syria? because that was the city of his son Haran until Nahor made fool of Haran to come back to Ur and be part of the suicide. Those who refused suicide was Peleg's son Reu, and grandson Serug.

The command to go to Canaan as soon as Terah dies is two-fold. They had astronomy and Memphis Egypt who had mourned that the first 11th dynasty Pharaoh (house of 42 kings form 42 cities) had made himself total sole ruler by saying his decision was to place his vote with the 20-king minority (the Hamites) not the Shemetic 22-king majority. Absolute rule as if God (a Hamite as God) was abhorred until 1943bc Shemetic Pharaoh was the sole ruler. And so Terah made Abram swear to bring the astronomy to this first 12th dynasty Shemetic Pharoah which included 427-year Jupiter being 433 of 360-day not the false 432-year as 36 orbits; and included the Julian 205-year 4-day Mars of 208 years of 360-day, and the 25-year lunar calendar in 365-day which is 75 years instead of the 76-year lunar (4x 19 year) plus 19 leap days. The Sothic (2030bc Sirius) and the Seth (Big Dipper 100-year comparison to 3-day seasonal shift in 400-year Seth) existed before this so that Josephus is wrong to say ALL astronomy came from Abram (Josephus says at 75 in 2094bc, which the reality of those years 2094-2092bc is king Elulu of Ur, who is still long after the 2170bc Great Pyramid shaft 200 years after Flood).

Thus Terah is not to be tagged as pagan when he sends his son to Canaan. And Abram very much wants to give this astronomy to Salem's Shem-Melkizedek (1936bc tithing the goods taken from AmarPal) for his age 83 which is 83-year Jupiter's 7 orbits, who he regards Shem as Jehovah (proved truth results) as symbolized by this planet Jova. Shem proves he is Jehovah when he comes to Abram and predicts two things, destruction of Sodom & circumcision cure of foreskin infection (noting Sarah without menstruation for 14 years still has cramps every other month for the ovary that is 80% favored to Y-sperm not X-sperm). This 450 years of post-Flood wisdom proves Shem has proven himself to be Jehovah far greater than Egypt regards Pharaoh as Jehovah. This is why Egypt is accused of honoring Nimrod-Melkizedek (the 42-king Pharaoh) instead of Salem's Shem-Melkizedek who led them (Hyksos Ararat Hittites & Ur-Chaldeans) from Ararat to Canaan when Peleg died. Thus Terah is actually a death-bed repentance to save his son Abram where Terah could have died on the journey to Harran. Abram built his house at 27 in Harran but lived in Ur until 75 regarding his father Terah's house as HIS. Thus Abram gave up home in Ur (even burned it down) because he had his own home in Harran, which he also gave up to live in Canaan. This is why Jacob Israel leaves Harran Syria at age 97 (living there 20 years age 77-97) when Mari Syria is destroyed by Hamurabi. This is why AmarPal (1943-1934bc) and Hamurabi (1792-1750bc) are both mistaken as being Nimrod because scripture ignores Moses saying these men were labeled as being so(JUST LIKE NIMROD), but not Nimrod. And so too the four cities Babel and Ereck and Kish and Nineveh are all mistaken to be Nimrod's (one) city and claiming it is THE CITY and THE TOWER (Peleg's city Ur). Ur is the ancient city of destruction, not Babel or Babylon. Babylon is the city built around Babel when Ur divided and confused and scattered, especially with the suicide to heaven.

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