What about Archaeology?

by Omegas Lament
(San Antonio, TX USA)

We can't just cover it up with our faiths. If Creation was around 5000-5500 BC., why are just the dinosaurs extinct? Not only that, but every single pre-historic fossil. They make no mention of these beasts in the bible, the closest thing to resemble a dinosaur is the mentioning of a couple of dragons, but even then it does not meaning actual dragons.

Apart from organisms, also the ruins of hundreds and thousands of temples, all praising their own deities and beliefs. Once the ONE God casted out two humans from Eden, Adam and Eve alone went and populated earth? If so, then what would happen once they would have a son and daughter? Would his brother have intercourse with her? Or would Adam impregnate his own daughter?

And all this is leading to the point that from Adam and Eve came out Asians, Arabs, Africans, Europeans, etc. I can make thousands of points on how the bible contradicts itself. It is not fact, the closest thing to a fact in the church is there was a man named Jesus, and he did some unexplained things which made him, basically, the first big celebrity of the world.

We're already seeing some ridiculous religions over the past 10 years, Church of Fonzi and Scientology along with others, that are a crock but flourishing.

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Apr 10, 2012
Archaeology and Biblical Prophecy
by: Lujack Skylark

Archaeology, some believe, cannot prove events in our Bible - yet at Jericho we see Egyptian king Amenhotep III's scarabs in graves dug after Joshua destroyed Jericho. Amenhotep III had received the Tel-Amarna letters stating the Haribu (Hebrews) were invading Canaan.

Bible prophecy becomes much clearer. Russian troops are now migrating towards the northern Iranian border, as Russian leaders believe Israel or the USA will soon attack Iranian nuclear sites.

The prophecy written some 2600 years ago by Ezekiel says Iran and Iran's allies will be killed upon the mountains of Israel.

Those who believe Archaeology cannot prove the Bible as being the inspired word should review the Ezekiel prophecy, where we see the nations opposed to modern Israel being aligned in their prophetic positions.

Apr 10, 2012
Believing the Bible
by: Lujack Skylark

IF one does not believe archaeology can confirm the Bible, why not look at Bible prophecy for confirmation.

One can Google Ezekiel 38-39 and witness how events in the Middle-East are shaping up to Bible prophecy.

Gog is the chieftain of the Russian people, who will bring his troops against Israel. Gog is supplying weapons to Israel's enemies.

Magog is Russia. Meshech is Moscow. Tubal is Siberia - all regions are anti-Israel.

Persia is Iran, which will lead the attack against Israel.

Ethiopia/Sudan-Russian pilots are flying Migs for Ethiopia in their fight against Eritera; and Sudan has a military alliance with Iran.

Phut/Libya missiles have been transported to Hamas in Gaza.

Russian troops and Iranian troops are now in Syria. The Syrian freedom fighters have captured Iranian snipers. (World News Report on television)

Gomer is eastern Germany, so anti-Semitic a Jew cannot go out in public wearing a yamulke.

Togarmah is Turkey and Armenia. Turkey is becoming more anti-Israeli and Armenia is where the Russians are setting up a radar station to monitor Israel, should Israel strike Iranian nuclear sites.

The Ezekiel prophecy written 2600 years ago will come true in our lifetime.

Apr 10, 2012
Adam & Eve
by: David Sheriff

In response to this article, yes the writer has the best question so far. DNA shows that we all originated from one of SEVEN women, female origin ( think about it - who gives life? )

This means we were cloned, exactly as we are doing now! Through the ages we have been manipulated, and maybe with extra-terrestrial intervention we are again being manipulated, ready to join the Cosmic brotherhood.

Read "Everything you know is wrong" by Lloyd Pye and his new book "Intervention Theory Essentials" with full colour illustrations.

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