The Story of Abraham

by Larry
(Ev. In. 47714)

Remember that Abraham has been richly blessed. He has land, sheep, camels
many servants, and material goods. Now Sarah throws a fit and demands that Abraham run Haggai and Ishmael off the land.

He could have easily spared a wagon, a driver, and plentiful supplies, food and water to sustain them until they were safely in Egypt. Someone please explain to me why he sent the mother of his child and his only son into the desert with practically nothing but the clothes on their back?

Did Sarah merely condemn them to exile or did she order their death? And if Abram cared for Ishmael, as is noted, is he so dominated by Sarah that he would go along with such an unspeakable plan?

I think if anything, this incident shows both the evil in fallen mankind and the extraordinary patience and bottomless LOVE that Our Lord God has for us..despite fair and just reason to condemn every last one of us to Hell.

Grace, Grace, Marvelous Grace!

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Feb 06, 2011
The Biblical Abraham
by: Anonymous

Larry's quote "I think if anything, this incident shows both the evil in fallen mankind and the extraordinary patience and bottomless LOVE that Our Lord God has for us...despite fair and just reason to condemn every last one of us to Hell."

Larry, for starters, man is not fallen ... you really do need to understand Judaism even a little bit to understand that the originator of original sin is no less then the apostle Paul.

There is nothing mentioned at all in the Torah/Tanach of what you call the Old Testament. If you choose to believe that you merit the blessings of Abraham you should at least follow the true G-d of Israel and not the god of the New Testament for they are NOT the same. Christianity does not follow the G-d of Israel - though they like to think they do.

There is absolutely no reason for the One G-d of Israel to condemn mankind to hell when he gives us all a chance to find and follow and have eternal life through HIM = TORAH.

You will not find the true G-d in Christianity - sadly though not yet recognized by Christians - it has absolutely no purpose - for the Torah is eternal and does not need modifying.

Quote your own NT to your own, but please leave the Torah to the scholars who do understand their scriptures, and what you have written is not truth.

There are two people's on this wonderful earth of ours, that is the Jews and Noahides both follow the G-d of Israel. Though you don't realize it, YOU are a Noahide, the difference between me and you is that I am an observant one.

And if you don't want to be an idolater - research and find the truth for yourself - for the religion that you follow, as do millions of others, will surely crumble into the dust of history - when the true Moshiach/Messiah comes. He is expected any day now and does not need to return to complete the amazing job that he will do.

Jan 10, 2011
Abraham, Sarah and Ishmael
by: Stanley7

In the beginning Abram made his first mistake to listen to Sarai, as for Sarai looked with her own true contempt on herself mistress, because of Sarai's own true jealousy. Sarai was faulty to force Abram to be with her Egyptian servant, Hagar to bore a son, Ismahael, because Sarai was barren. Then Sarai wanted to have Hagar's son for herself, but later it was not Sarai's adpoted son. Reasonably Sarai said may her wrong to her (Hagar) be on Abram. It was Sarai's faultly jealousy to cast out Hagar and her son off to the desert, but Sarah never attempted to kill them yet in the desert, not condemned deaths to them yet in the desert. Abraham had his righteousness to give the bread and skin of water to help care Hagar and her son, Ismahael going off to the desert before on their way to Egypt, because Lord God still fed them on their way there, too. You and all others see: Sarah never gave anything to Hagar and her son. You and all others have to forgive Sarah's misunderstanding and mistake with her jealousy anyway and forget her jealousy. Okay.

In addition Sarah was Abraham's own true step-sister, not his fully sister, the daugther of Abraham's father, Terah though not the daugther of Abraham's first mother. That was Terah's second wife, so it was Abraham's second mother to bore Sarah. Sarah became Abraham's wife in UR, Chaldeans, Mesopotamia. Okay.

I thanked Lord Jesus Christ very much for His Nice Information to me, Stanley7 only one left on Earth. Thank you.


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