The "Nakedness" of Noah

by Linda

According to an expert on the language Strong you are reading this wrong. "saw the nakedness of his father" in Hebrew nakedness, 6172 'ervah is nudity. (disgrace, blemish); Ham saw the nudity of his father. Now take that deeper into the old Hebrew. ---- 6168 arah, is a primitive root, to empty, pour out..... and Ham did that, he emptied his seed into the nakedness of his father which is his own mother. He had sex with his own mother. Canaan IS Ham's son. IT SAYS SO. Noah is drunk and is not there. He's out of it. Ham took advantage and had sex with his own mother. That is why Canaan was cursed by Noah. It is not God who cursed Canaan.

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Mar 09, 2017
Absurd conclusion about Ham
by: Elijah

To say Ham emptied his seed into his mother when he had a wife is absurd. It says Canaan is his son, but that doesn't mean from his mother. Yes naked means empty seed, but the facts are simple, Noah is drunk, Noah is naked, Noah's youngest son is with him (not with Noah's wife). Youngest son of Noah is Noah's youngest grandson, which is also the youngest son of Ham at a time BEFORE younger sons of Ham were born, and BEFORE younger grandsons of Noah was born. What this says is that Canaan is in the tent of Noah and very young (less than 15, possibly a mere 5-year old). It says Ham walked in on Noah, not Noah sobered up and walked in on Ham. And Ham laughed, which doesn't mean laugh at his own sin of adultery, no laughed at fornication or orgies. It is quite simple that father Ham made light of a toddler touching grandpa's erection. The curse is on the child who will grow up remembering it, and father Ham not having corrected it because he thinks its petty and nothing. The point of the story is it dividing the whole family in a story that would not cease until the older brothers make slaves (employees) of Hams sons because they seek pleasure and humor rather than work hard to be responsible. This became the excuse for all nations to conquer Canaan of which Moses jumped right into it for Israel. But it didnt cease because they woudl come and conquer Israel by those who felt Canaan is theirs. They fight to get it to this day. This fight to get Canaan as a Promised Land servant, also exists (according to Daniel) for world dominance to seek having the land of Ham (Egypt). Trashing Noah and Ham with a mother son sex act, does nothing to unveil the total world history of a far simpler issue between the two men (father-son), and all three sons.

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