The Lost House of Israel

by Pele Ben Thoma

Have you ever wandered what it is to be a Jew? We were hated and persecuted by every race. I was one of that person until, one day the scales lifted from my eyes and it was put in my heart that I was one of the people of the book. The more I thought of my past , the more I wanted to know of them. I thought why did my ancestors not eat the forbidden food as they followed some of the Jewish customs such as observing passover. We still recite Aramaic in our prayers. Today I have got the deep desire to go back to Israel. Maybe we were one of the lost tribes, the children of Lod. I think we were taken captives from the town of Lod and marched to Babylon. We were there for a while before we were freed by King of Persia. We did not return back as we moved to Persia. We had to flee Persia when there was persecution and moved to the Indus valley. Over the years we moved to western part of India and then to the southern region of Kerala. It is said at the end of days we will return from all corners of the world. Why do I have this desire, as if it is some force waking you up to return back to the land of our forefathers?

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