The Kerala Nasaranis - Jews Lost in Time

by Pele Ben Thoma

We are one of the lost tribes that has settled down in the Southern state of Kerala. We call ourselves Nasaranis and we have used Jewish customs in the past. The Apostle Thomas visited us and converted many of us to Christianity and those that weren't converted, were forced or banished by the Portuguese. They destroyed our history.

Our forefathers came to this land with the destruction of the Second Temple. We used to, back then, help the Kings defend their lands. We were classed as warriors in those days, and many of the Rajas wanted our presence at their courts. That is why we were once from the tribe of Gad.

We dream one day of coming home, as we remember Zion, for we were carried captives to Assyria. How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? One day soon at the end of age we will be discovered, and until then we shall think of Zion. We were kept here as a rem anent tribe to return at the end of the age

We now are Messianic Jews who would still like to make Aliyah. I remember my gran, when she was alive, who used to celebrate passover. Those old customs are gradually being lost as our people forget who we are and where we have come and soon we will be lost in time

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