The Jewish Race

by Prophetess Esthel Maria Washington
(N. Richland Hills, Tx.)

My grandmother is African, Indian, French, Spanish Mixed.She would always tell us that we were Black Jews when I was growing up. I never understood it. Now that I am Born Again Christian, I accept that I have been grafted
in and I love Jesus and all the Jewish People. I want to learn all I can about the origin of our Faith, and especially the beginning before Adam and Eve, and now the coming of our Lord Jesus back to the earth, where he will return to Jerusalem. I pray day and night, and will
be glad to pray for you as you pray for me.

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Jul 18, 2015
Be careful by saying you are a grafted Jew
by: Kelechi Uka

To me as an Igbo man from eastern Nigeria, any tribe on earth that circumcise the male child and name him on the 8th day after his birth as a custom and tradition is an Israelite but not a Jew. The Igbo man believe in only One True God we call Chukwu(the biggest/strongest God) or Chineke(God the creator). Our chief priests of old came from lineage and we still have the Nethinim and Mamzerim in our custom and tradition as the OSU caste system. Our chief priest do make the cleansing sacrifice of our sins with the blood of he-goats, bulls, chickens etc and their law was the 10 commandments. But, ever we started to accept Christ as our Messiah, those sacrifices had stopped. In no doubt Igbos are the true Israelites.

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