The House of Abraham & UR of the Chaldeans

by Ernie W
(Adelaide S Australia)

Reading the preamble above I was not sure if the person believed, or was relating certain philosophies about Abraham.

UR. A city has been uncovered which is identified as the Ur of Abraham.
The book of Genesis was written by Moses over 450 years later, so the area of Ur by then could have been Ur of the Chaldees - is Chaldeans the same?

Many are commenting that Ishmael was firstborn. I would argue he was not - according to the Law of Moses, & Moses wrote Genesis, the Firstborn received the main (double) inheritance & the family blessing.

So, this means that Ishmael was 'born first' but did not gain the position of "Firstborn".
Jesus was not the first one to be made alive after dying (Elijah raised, Lazarus & widows son & more) but Jesus is "the firstborn from the dead" & the leader of the "Church of Firstborns". Many of us would want to be numbered with that group & can be, even though we may naturally be the youngest of our natural families.

Before condemning Sarah as non-compassionate on Hagar & her son Ishmael, we should analyze what we should be learning. The lesson here is not compassion, but what is God's design. Being firm on our own children to steer them away from God-denying company is what we learn.
When the lesson is about compassion read, 'Do unto others, as you would be done by'. Romans explains the lessons from the lives of Abraham, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac & Sarah.

Compassion in this case is to do what God wants - & not like Sarah; we wait for "God to do his own acts in His own time.

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Sep 22, 2011
by: REX

The blessing always went to the younger brother except for Jesus who was first born.

Ishmael-Abraham was blessed. Esau-Jacob was blessed. Aaron-Moses was blessed. David was a younger brother. Mary was a virgin. Only Christ was first born.

Abraham was born in a prosperous UR.

0 year in civilization. Mankind leaves Babel.
0 year Peleg is born
30th year Reu is born
62nd year Serug is born
92nd year Nahor is born
121-326 years Terah lives

251st yr. in the history of nations Abraham is born. (Genesis 12:4 & Genesis 11:32)

Sumer non-legendary history. Gutium, Utu-Khegal and Abraham's UR years given by archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley. Sumer poem reveals the Gutium brought down Naramsin's reign.

0-56 years Akkadian king Sargon/Nimrod.
56-65 years Akkadian king Rimush.
65-80 years Manishtushu reigns.
80-120 years Naramsin reigns.

120-211 years Gutium reign over Sumer.
211-218 years Utu-Khegal reigns over Sumer.
218-326 years Abraham's UR exists.

The year 318th in the history of nations is 430 years before the Exodus. Abraham's 251st year places him in Ur king Shulgi/Dungi's reign.

The Bible and Sumer chronology match. The Bible is a historically accurate book.

Sep 22, 2011
Who is on first.
by: Robert Marshall

Everybody wants to read the Bible at face value. The Bible was written by God as a Spiritual book. Hidden between the lines of the Bible are Spiritual lessons only the Holy Spirit can explain.

If God wrote the Lambs book of life before the foundation of the world, then it is the second book He wrote. Evidence of that is found in the book of revelation. Chapter 13 verse 8, rev. chapter 17 verse 8, and rev. chapter 20 verses 14 and 15. When God say's[ if anyone has an ear, let him hear ], He is not talking about Physical ears.

God's plan for creation was started and finished before He ever said [Let there be light]. God wanted his creation to know good and evil. God spoke everything into creation. God formed Adam from the dust of the earth that He later cursed, when Adam and Eve sinned. God said [Let Us create man in our Image].

In Romans chapter 8 verse 18 thru 22, talks about the futility of man.God is still making man in His Image, But it will not be complete until the Bible is fulfilled. When Adam and Eve sinned against God, They died spiritually. Spiritual death is separation from God. God's creating man in the image of God is still a work in progress.

When the Bible talks about Jesus being the Firstborn, It is talking about a spiritual firstborn, not a physical firstborn. People ask Why does God let bad things happen in this world. God does not let good things or bad things happen in this world. In this world man is capable of doing good and evil. We keep praying to God to stop the evil, but He is waiting for us to do it.

That is why one day God will step back into the world and stop it,Just the way he did in Noah's day. God chooses who will be saved, and there is way to much evidence in the Bible to dispute that. People can lie to themselves and believe what they want to,but the day is coming when the truth will rise up and slap them in the face.

In Matthew chapter 7 verses 21 thru 23 you can see when man thinks he is doing God's will, he is not. In Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10 God says[For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them]. Beforehand is the Lambs book of life before the foundation of the world.

If you are not born again God has nothing to do with you. If God has nothing to do with you how can you be created in the Image of God. So when the Bible talks about firstborn , it is talking about a Spiritual birth.

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