The God of Abraham

by Robert Marshall
(Clinton, Pa.)

God said to Abraham I will make you a father of many nations. God chose Abraham and his descendants as a picture of a Spiritual marriage to God. He says in Jeremiah ch. 3 He gave national Israel a certificate of divorce.

Romans ch 7 says a woman is bound to her husband until he dies. God gives us a physical picture of marriage with national Israel.He also shows us what divorce does to that marriage and the consequences to it. What he is showing us is the weakness in us as human beings. He is also showing us the weakness in us as sinners.

When Jesus died on the cross that marriage to national Israel was dissolved. He was showing us what the law does to us when we divorce. National Israel stands on the same ground as everyone else in the world when it comes to salvation. That is why God said to Abraham I will make you a father of many nations.

God is showing the world that He will save all the people that are in the Lambs book of life.It will be a Spiritual marriage for eternity, where there will be no divorce. Abraham was a painting in a physical picture of marriage and divorce of humankind. In the Spiritual marriage to God , that marriage will last forever.

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