The God of Abraham is Love

I have had some doubts regarding the faith of Abraham as it has popularly been told over the years. I do not believe his faith was measured by his willingness to kill his own son, but rather that it was measured by the kind of man he was, as well as the kind of god he believed he worshiped.

It is mentioned in previous scripture that God clearly states it was never in His heart that any one should ever sacrifice any one to Him, that is, that He was bloody in any way. I believe that God was trying to distinguish Himself between any of the other gods being worshiped in the land at that time.

Previous scripture relates a conversation between Abraham and GOD regarding Sodom and Gomorah; and Abraham's concern for the people there and his inquiries about the heart of God in this matter. So, I believe they had already established each others heart. I believe the faith of Abraham was in that he believed God would provide a suitable sacrifice. He was asked to offer Isaac, not to kill him.

I believe he trusted his God was a kind and faithful GOD. He had faith that God was who He said He was. God is "LOVE". Love does not ask you to die for it, to prove itself. Love says 'I love you so much that if it were possibe: I will die for you as demonstration of MY love.'

His love and power is so far above anything we can comprehend. God is not looking for tough guys. The gentle and kind will inherit the earth. God is gentle and kind. And so much more............

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