The Flood in Genesis & The Tower of Babel

by Elijah the last one for 1000 years
(planet Earth)

The tower was started 130 years after the Flood. Those who add 600 years and who add 720 years are false. The Great Pyramid was then 200 years after the Flood. But those who add 720 are false. Nimrod was born 100 years after the Flood (100 years after Noah). But the extended chronologies place him as 100 after Noah's death so that he is born 450 after the Flood, and so his death which is truly 600 after the Flood then instead becomes 950 after the Flood. Pushing all Genesis backwards is why the year 6000 has been laughed at saying that it was 284 AD and then 500 AD and then 800 AD. So now 1914 and 1975 and 2000 are merely echoes of those who laughed 1000 years ago as in the Catholic First Reich 800 -1800 AD. An asteroid is here, it is now, and the issue is false science against false religion so that the true path out of Sodom with Lot, and out of Egypt with Moses, and out of Sinai with Joshua, is all ignored by the war between government science and wrong false religion churches. The true church will slip out with true science just like Moses with 600,000 people did, so that those who even try to chase them down is like chasing Noah's ark floating away.
I guess I need to lay out the story. I was typing and the window deleted, so i gave up. Someone said that using Firefox or using Google Chrome you can use a Lazarus program so you do not lose typed comments. Genesis building the city and tower is not Babel. That project was abandoned and dispersed into only two factions so that Ur being the greater faction (versus Kish) became a city and a tower before Babel did, and Ur is the original Genesis Babel as in saying Ur has become like Babel and so Ur has and confused and divided into nations, first in 2029bc as Chinese /Koreans / Japanese / and Mayans who all went back to Babel to make this observatory (the Babel observatory of the city Kish) as a New City, and actual city, others moving onto build Mari Syria while they left hebrews and Hindu back in Ur until Abram left (1943bc) with Hebrews, and Hindu left at Ur's 1900bc destruction.
This is why the story is not about Nimrod... but about all other kings "who are just like Nimrod, they are mighty hunters seeking to take up the challenge of sciences that defy Jehovah" such as flying to defy gravity, and irrigation to defy drought, and walls to defy floods. It can be of God, and it can be againts God. Build a dike and it holds the river, but enclose the WHOLE river with dikes and the flood then over flows the dike and breaks it and kills all those it gave life to. Like dams, like electricity, like petroleum engines if you over-worship the salvation then you have created a future mass death. Like angels who think they are the real ark and not to listen to Noah and his stupid ark. This is why Armageddon is like queen Esther too stupid to know the day and hour that God has let Haman put up posted on the walls and poles (by astronomers and telescopes and computers and government and TV global warning). The asteroid date. Yet the queen will have the answer and the government and its people loses. The ark is small, because the mass of people do not want to be that ark, an ark of truth. They want to be the lie, and still claim all will get saved by them the ark. And they wish to destroy the real ark by being jealous Cain and jealous Esau and jealous Herod, etc. The true ark will have jealous Catholic and jealous Moslem both wanting it dead. BUT jehovah saves, meaning their war inside the city jerusalem against Romans allows real Christians (real jews) to slip out to those mountains of safety.

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Jun 27, 2023
Question about Nimrod NEW
by: Anonymous

Very interesting article about Nimrod. Thank you. How can you be certain that he died 600 years after the flood. Please provide your reference sources, because this is not explicitly stated in the bible. God bless.

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