The Etymology of Jericho

by V. Martin Ogrosky
(Charlotte Metro, NC, USA)

Various origins for the word Jericho exist. The Chera Empire may or may not be of interest. Chera Empire had Roman Empire trade routes and also is connected to the Chero of India, and the Americas, and the Maya and PO Kingdoms.

Cherak is a region or area or town in various places of the Orient and Near East, and Far East and South Seas, including present day Afganistan. One version of the name Jericho may be Cherako. Jerimaya is an example of various spellings of names and places of ancient origin. Greater India, Chini and China do have connections to Israel then and now.

Ramallah, a town of the Mideast, has origins in Ram, of Hindu origin. Eastern peoples and religions do have connections to Ancient Israel. Jericho is an example.

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