The Book of Hanok The Nabi

Shalom , peace unto you and may the grace/kesed of the Ha Mashiah Yashuah be with all his children that are United in his Ruah Qadosh. We have determined without a doubt that the book of Hanok is of ancient origin. Genesis chapter 6 does in fact introduce the word nephilim (fallen ones)in the Hebrew lexicon it is there . if you are studying in any other language it is watered down and contains blasphemy especially of our Father's Name in every version, unless restored to it's original version. Giants is of English origin which should not be used to substitute Hebrew .English as other languages are a result from the tower of Babel(confusion).The reference to bene elohim is in truth translated into sons of Elohim,not the sons of Adam this is very distinct and apperent when reading in Hebrew .When studying Qadosh Scriptures, there is evidence of there offspring throughout history. Read all these chapters Detereunomy 9 , Yahoshua /Joshua 11 . Who can forget the battle of David and Goliath ??? Who defeated the nephilim remnants ?Israel his chosen and the Rock Adonay Yashuah the son of David son of Adam son of Adonay our Father We must not fear the enemy . the FEAR AND THE LOVE of Adonay YHVH is the beginning to WISDOM! We must understand the battle we are in Ephesians 6:10 . There are references to the book of Hanok in the new testament when Yashuah confeses to the Sanhedrin the proclamation: Mattitiyah(Mathew)26:64.There is too much evidence that can be cross referenced to Qadosh Scriptures . there are not 66 books you ignorant people there are more than 73 "There are more chapters in the Book of Hanok that connect to the Psalms of David and the Nebaim the Prophets they cross reference to the Qadosh Scriptures. May Adonay Yashuah open the eyes of the blind!!! Maranatha

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