The Blood of Christ

by Veronica
(Orange County, CA, USA)

I'm sadden at the history of blacks in America. I've always wondered like most blacks, why do (unsaved) whites have such power in earth and why are they allowed to be so wicked with the sin of racism? Now I know, it's what happened with noah and how he cursed his grandson ca'anan, one of ham's sons. Because noah couldn't curse his sons so he cursed one of his grandsons and now centuries later, the black community is living with a form of that spoken curse, being oppressed by whites with the sin of racism. Most heathen probably do not know especially unsaved black heathen who have not done their homework, on this topic, like I've been doing. I absolutely HATE racism! Its just a UGLY sin and I see how it has the unsaved non body of Christ black community in a form of slavery in fear of whites, because the playing field is not leveled, for us, and has not been for centuries. I did not know that Noah cursed his grandson, nor did I know that Ham had did wrong in dishonoring his dad. So now I see why Ham's bad deed has cost the unsaved heathen black community to live subservient to whites. (shem) So this is why racist whites act like they're superior over unsaved blacks. The Body of Christ is not skin color, and never shall be, the body of Christ in the sight of God are spirits and there is no male nor female. God is very clear about it! His servants are not a race or creed or color they are pilgrims passing through, and racism is SIN! from the s to the I to the n! PERIOD!! That's why God punishes racists people of ALL colors for this sin! Sin is sin to the Lord, he hates ALL SIN! It keeps Gods human creation separated! He said to love one another GENUINELY! but fallen man cannot love other fallen men. The only people who love all men are the body of Christ members because of the power of the Holy Spirit empowering the body of Christ to do so. We cannot love no enemies, as heathen of our free will, who don't want nothing to do with us based on our skin color. America still has the issue of the "Jim Crowism" spirit in the land. You see the evidence all around in the country. Unsaved heathen whites say in private; I just don't trust and like minorities (Asians, Hispanics, arabs, especially blacks they're subpar and sickening and less than human they say, and are ugly people and we must let them know that we will keep our feet on their necks to keep them down as heathen! We have to let them know that we run planet earth and the God of all creation prefers us over all non-white people especially blacks. etc. this is true especially of whites in the southern & eastern parts of the US where institutional racism is horrible and is the worst. Except for the whites that were TRULY raised right by their parents to not have problems with NO ONE and to truly judge them by the content of their character ONLY! But because, of what happen in the garden of eden and now I'm finding out what happened with Ham, now I see, a little clearer, God's view, why most unsaved white Europeans and Americans have this ugly disgusting sin going on and they accept it as the norm, just like out here in Orange County, CA where only 3% of the county has black people. I'm so glad that God sees the body of Christ as pilgrims passing through and spirit beings, not by skin color! This world and fallen man is SICK! with sin and Jesus Christ is the answer! There is no flesh in heaven! nothing of earth either. Everything is Holy, perfect and pure, no sin nor sinners NOT EVER! Just like the book of revelation chapters 21-22 says, nothing will be in heaven that will corrupt it! So, we see that like with all human beings that are unsaved, they need the savior Jesus Christ to save them from their sins and the Holy Spirit to fill them with his power and God the father, so they will not be disgustingly sick with this demonic sin of racism! nor with ANY SIN! It's not cool or normal to be called nigger AT ANYTIME IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, AND ITS NEVER GOING TO BE AND IT's NEVER OKAY FOR ANY WHITE TO SAY THAT GODS CREATION (BLACK PEOPLE) ARE SUBPAR AND LESS THAN AS A PEOPLE! nor to treat them subpar at ANYTIME! FOR ANY REASON! NOR ANY OF THE OTHER NON-WHITE RACES OF PEOPLE! Its amazing, racist white people will accept a animal more, and treat them so much better than black people and receive them into their homes over black people and over other people of color! From my 49 years of living in God's planet earth, I noticed that blacks are always at the bottom of the "totem pole" of respect when it comes to heathen whites and non-blacks, because of the fall of man! its very sad! and of course what's even more horrible is the self hatred amongst the heathen unsaved black communities in different areas/occupations of life (e,g. Hollywood, how when a black male gets a certain level of success in his career he has this disgust for dark skinned fat black women and goes to white women! SHHH it's suppose to be a "dirty topic of discussion!" and a secret, the general public at large in planet earth doesn't know this about the heathen black male who WAS raised right! or let their satanic riff raff associations he calls friends brainwash him and convince him that all fat, black dark skinned women are ugly and if he gets with us, that they'll have ugly children. And they never think, would you say this to your dark skinned heavy set mom? who gave birth to you? and your dark skinned dad? who raised you or dark skinned grandpa? All I know at the end of each day and every second of each day, if you are a racist unsaved fool, God is not pleased with that sin and you better had get it out of your life immediately! Because you know that God has a way of making sure you face your mess! (sins), so that you will need a black person or a Asian or arab or Hispanic or native American persons assistance, and humble you so fast, it'll make your head spin! I grew up around all races of people, so I don't have an issue and never will because the moment I get an attitude about a race of people God always shows me that its about the heathens CHARACTER! and he always end up sending really kind nice men and women around me of different colors, to help me, even if they're not saved. It's what HIS word says (the Holy Bible) not fallen mans stupid unimportant opinions and sayings! Thanks for the article, as I continue to do my homework, based in God and his word, and not man's flippant worthless opinions! The best news is when a black person becomes saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit and all their sins are washed away by the powerful blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that black person is no longer under the curse! nor any curse, Because, the heathen cannot curse what God has blessed! and the heathen live under the curse of the law, being unsaved and yet in their sins, so they cannot say nothing, or speak death words against a body of Christ member, covered by the blood of Jesus and all their sins washed away! and walking in the authority and power of God the father and Jesus the son of God, and the Holy Spirit! and that racist white person, becomes free of the sin of racism, no matter how they were raised IN the sin of racism, in their childhoods or lives. They are free of because of the power in the blood of Jesus washing away that sin! and all others!

God Bless and thank you!



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