The 12 gates represent the twelve tribes of the world

by James Inzinga
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Giza pyramids were formed FROM THE PLATES OF THE EARTH BY THE HANDS OF GOD! They represent the twelve gates of heaven. All of God's children have there names on the 12 gates of heaven.There are 12 months in a year ,so if your are born on one of the 12 months in a year your name is on the gates of heaven. We are the true foundation stones of heaven.The pyramids are in the center of the entire land mass on earth. Check the foundation and the answer is there. ALL over the world where there are ancient pyramids and ancient structures. Example pyramids in Mexico ARE FORMED IN ONE PIECE! They are one of the 12 tribes. there is a lot more information.

www.The twelve gates of heaven by James inzinga

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