by Phillip Morrow
(Boaz, Al.)

Bubba with his boys

Bubba with his boys

I picked up a periodical entitled "Calling Our Nation" in the mid 80's and the phrase "USA/Israel caught my eye one thing led to another and 35+ yrs. later I am still studying my Bible. Once I discovered that I am an Israelite (not jewish but rather Caucasian) the Bible took on a whole new meaning for me. I might add that I was in prison @ the time because I was a very violent young man. I studied w/ the American Institute of Theology (A.I.T.) for several years eventually graduating their course. I also took a Bible Law Course and was ordained by The New Christian Crusade Church. I have now been out of prison for 23 yrs. and am a stay-at-home, disabled g-dad and g-g-dsd x2. I live in NE Al.

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Apr 10, 2019
Israelites are all over the world today NEW
by: Emerald

Anonymous----You say he is not an Israelite. And how do you know where his ancestors were 3000 years ago?
The tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel dispersed under the persecution of the Assyrians and are all over the earth. Many so called Gentiles are of the Tribes of Israel.
Do you know where they are other than Judah?

Feb 09, 2018
Know Your Facts NEW
by: Anonymous

If you had true insight and knowledge you would know that most Caucasian people in the United States are from the tribe of Manasseh and the British people from Ephraim.

Feb 02, 2018
You are not an Israelite NEW
by: Anonymous

Sir you are not an Israelite. One way of knowing is by reading Deuteronomy 28:16-64. If your ancestors went through the curses for disobeying the Most High then you are considered an Israelite. People in the so called Middle East know who the true Israelites are.

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