No Flood Covered the Land of Eden

by Gracie Gragg
(United States)

In the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha by James H. Charlesworth in the book of Jubilees chapter 4, it reads:

'And because of him Enoch none of the waters of the flood came upon the whole land of Eden, for he Enoch was put there for a sign and so that he Enoch might bear witness against all of the children of men so that he Enoch might relate all of the deeds of the generations until the day of judgement'.

Then it goes on to say there were four sacred places upon the earth and names those four places.

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Jan 15, 2018
No flood at ancient Sippar in Iraq NEW
by: Walter R. Mattfeld

A clay tablet inscribed in cuneiform and found in ancient Babylonia (today's Iraq) mentions that the gods spared the ancient city of Sippar, not allowing it to be flooded over by the flood that covered the world in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Sippar has been excavated and indeed there is no flood deposit there. You can't have a worldwide flood covering mountain tops and not have flood silt deposits at Sippar if such an event is true.

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