Nissanu vs. Nissan

by Tanya

The Habiru were collectors of other religions, culture, writing, and they appointed themselves the chosen as nothing was theirs to begin with.

They had no true identity which made them mysterious so they made themselves chosen, not divine.

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Feb 07, 2012
The Origin of the Hebrews
by: Anonymous

The Hebrews did have their own religion and culture, however they did originate from Babylon because their forefather Abraham originated from Babylon. It was similiar to the English colonialists who conquered or discovered America, Australia, South Africa, etc, ect. So they were not all that different to the Babylonians from which they originated, just like Americans, Australians and South Africans are not that different linguistically, culturally, etc from their English fore-fathers.

However, yes, they were religiously quite different and were monotheistic where everyone else was not. However, just like the deeply religious Christian Americans today and their increasingly atheist British cousins, the original Babylonians did also worship one and the same God. Possibly even the Romans and Greeks too who were also distantly related.

This was at the time were they also shared the same language, this one common, unkown, myterious language many scholars have spoke for some time ! This was at the time of the tower of Babel or sooner - about the time of Noah. The Bible tells us how all flesh became corrupted, the first Gentiles/Pagans were those who broke away and formed their own countries. Then the same happened to Babylon itself, while what later becames the Hebrews simply continued to follow the true religion and refused to become corrupted.

The Law Of Moses was a crucial part of this true religion who worshiped Jehovah (Yahweh). This is why we can even find the remnants of the code of Hammurabi and why it is so similiar to the Law of Moses (which was only partially made up of the ten commandments). Aetheists like to say the Hebrews just copied all of this from the Babylonians because they never had a culture of their own, but that is absolute nonsence !

Jun 25, 2011
Hebrews (Haribu)
by: Lujack Skylark

The Hebrews were unique, creating their own culture. The Hebrew's faith was monotheistic, while all other cultures were polytheistic.

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