My heart seeks YHVH for His Word to LIVE in our hearts

Shalom as a true heart form me,
May YHVH come and straiten out all the unequal of yoke.
To no hurt I send this as I seek in private time with our Creator, True helps. Messiah YSHVH came to help all Israel have opened eyes and ears...

He alone can give truth, by his Spirit Gen. 4.6 Truly He is still keeping his established plan, I do not think He really is talking about an earthly place. Torah, especially Abram, teaches a better place to dwell. This I believe is temporal within ones repentant heart as obeyed in His will. Earth has always been a corruptible [by infiltration of disobedience since human nature CHOSE TO EAT OF FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, Gen.3.1-7 all of us are of mixed seed in our mind, now we must make a conscious mindful decision to return by heartfelt repentance to put it simply all of us need to do 2Chr 7.14 and as Ezra and Nehemiah did]

Also, a new Kingdom will take place according toYHVH's plan one day.
Til then I wait on ONLY MY ABBA and seek His ways Isa. 55.8-9 for He is Best to heed to.

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Nov 07, 2015
Forbidden Knowledge
by: Elijahovah

Knowledge is never forbidden. You do not have to rape to know what a rape is, and what that rape will do to body and soul and mind. It is not knowledge forbidden but rather what to do with it when learned, and how to view it. The good man was the one who cut up the slave in pieces to horrify 12 tribes to the attention that their men of Israel were roaming the country sodomizing people. How stupid to say that the knowing her anally means they liked it and wanna do it again. YOU choose what you hate and what you like when you do any act at all. YOU make yourself God or demon by your works.

The Gospel teaches how sin grows in people. It teaches how repentance means to see what is wrong and how it is wrong. You have to gain knowledge to do this. So it is NOT forbidden. BUT gaining knowledge does NOT mean must try it to dislike it. The sin of Eve was to believe that she couldn't know unless she tried. THIS counters the doubting-Thomas lesson. In this lesson all these fake Christians think it means believe things you do not see, and so like secular school evolution and any new laboratory product they are fools grabbing up on it. BUT that isn't what Jesus said. What he said is I have shown myself to your 10 brothers the apostles and so as Eve should have believed Adam, then you should believe them, not doubt. Most people who test the water first, are people who die. Madam Marie Curie tested x-rays and she became the sacrifice, she died. Was tis good? Was she Abel? a lesson learned? or could she have learned it without dying? Do we kill others to learn? Do we kill ourselves so we can learn? This is the WHOLE issue. Aging can stop. It occurs to all organic life from carbon-14 on DNA, and C-14 levels can be controlled. BUT NO ONE DOES.

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