mixing Torah with Jesus bible

by ashraf soliman
(el haram,Giza, Egypt)

when I read the history of Jewish in our area,I find many talks about Jesus bible..I know that Jesus was Jewish,but he came with bible a bit different from Torah..quite frankly let us talk deeply about faith to God..we Muslims and Jewish
strongly believe that God is Unique and can not be seen(you know the story of Moses in Sinai)so we can not personalize him and say Jesus is the God or son of God (because son comes from male and female)in the meantime father should have a wife(mother of his kids)..Jesus was an extra ordinary miracle of God,that is quite true,and a part of the God holy spirit blown to his body,but it does not mean that Jesus is a God in human phenomena ..another different point about the is written in our Koran that the Jewish were the first human being who shown a loyal faith to God ( the God of Father Abraham )..but they were (and still) arguing ..I talk about the verse of Cow (in Koran)when God said to Moses,if your people ask for my mercy tell them to search a Cow to show loyalty..ha ha,they started to question Moses about the shape and color of this Cow (it was a normal Cow) but they fond of deep analysis of minor God made it very difficult and gave Moses a description that was not easy to find..they done their best to find this Cow and managed to bring it to God forgiven them..and this is the story in our Koran and sure you have a different story..turning to the point of Sacrifice..the Jewish sacrifice with animal as well as Muslims (Cows or Sheep)..the question is : what about the Sacrifice of Christians? Jesus Christ ?..and if that is true,let us go back to the time of Abraham when he seen a vision from God asks him to kill Ismael or Isac (what ever)as a sort of sacrifice ,what happen? in a moment God replaced his son with a sheep..regards

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Sep 04, 2014
The Prophet Isaiah
by: Elmo

About 2500 years after Adam was created Moses Started to write the Holy bible But it was Written By the Inspiration of God. Please read 1 Timothy 3.16 and 17. This bible was completed in last decade of the 1st century A D. by Disciple John Koran wrote after that.

In the book of Isaiah 7.14 says
Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.

Immanuel mean God with us. This verse written by ISAIAH His Name in Holy Quran is Dhul-Kifi Believe whatDhul-Kifi Wrote

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