Mitanni History Confirmation

by Rex

When we review Judges 3:8 there is one Mesopotamian Mitanni king whom oppressed Israel for 8 years. Lets correlate Egyptian, Hittite, Assyrian and Mitanni history together.

Mitanni king Shuttarna I went to war against Egyptian king Thutmose I. The Egyptians win victory. Mitanni king Parshatatar went to war against Thutmose III. The Egyptians win victory. Mitanni king Shaushtatar stirs up the Syrians into rebellion against Egyptian king Amenhotep II. Hittite king Tudhaliyas I expands Hittite borders into Syrian territory. Mitanni king Artatama I daughter marries Egyptian king Thutmose IV in a military alliance.

Hittite king Arunwandas I loses Syria to the Mitanni and Hittite king Tudhaliyas II fails to reclaim lost territory. Mitanni king Shuttarna II daughter marries Egyptian king Amenhotep III. Tudhaliyas II is assassinated by his son Suppiluliumas I who loses his first war against Mitanni king Tushratta. Amenhotep III towards the end of his life receives war booty from Tushratta who acquired the booty from Suppiluliumas I defeated army.

Tushratta's Mitanni border now reached toward Egypt when his nephew Akenaton reigned. Tushratta was Cushan-Rishathaim whom Israel's judge Othniel defeated. Prince Artatama II revolted against his father. Tushratta was slain. Shuttarna III sets up a rival kingdom. Prince Shattiwaza flees to Babylon's king Burnaburiash II who rejects him. Hittite king Suppiluliumas I recognizes Mitanni Shattiwaza as king over the small kingdom Hanigalbat.Shattiwaza united military forces with Hittite king Mursilas II against Assyrian kings Enlil Nirari I and Arik-Dan-ill.

Mitanni kings Shattura I and Wasashatta are vassals of Assyrian king Adad-Nirari I as Ramses II reigns over Egypt and wars with Hittite king Muwatallis. Shattura II revolts against Assyrian king Shalmanesar I and the Assyrians win a smashing victory and the Mitanni disappear from history.

The Mitanni were most powerful in Tushratta's reign;he is Cushan-Rishathaim in Judges 3:8 when we review Mitanni history.

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Jul 06, 2014
How do you know Akhenaten saw the sun stand still?
by: Anonymous

You mention Akhenaten seeing the sun stop. How do you know Akhenaten saw the sun stand still in the sky? Please provide a reference. Thanks.

Jun 26, 2012
Mitanni History Confirmation
by: Anonymous

Egyptian king Akenaton's uncle was Tushratta; Akenaton as a prince noted the sun stood still in the sky for almost 24 hours. (Joshua 10:12-14)

When Joshua died,king Akenaton wrongly believed Joshua's power came from worshipping the sun. Akenaton established Aton sun worship eliminating all worship of other Egyptian gods.

Akenaton sent no troops to help Tushratta (Cushan-Rishathaim Judges 3:8)and they had a military alliance. The Hittite king Suppiluliumas after Israel's judge Othniel won victory took over many western Mitanni city states and his victories caused a Mitanni civil war bringing about the death of Cushan-Rishathaim (Tushratta).

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