Melchizedek may have been the third antediluvian king Enosh

by Fr. Pancras
(Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India)

The third antediluvian king Enosh is likely to be associated with Melchizedek who could represent Agasthiyar as well. He was one of the Antediluvian Patriarchs (Enosh), allowed to live a very long life in order to help establish God's chosen nation?” Source:

The antediluvian kings having considerably longer life-spans than the postdiluvian ones, Agasthiyar who plays the part of the biblical Melchizedek had a long span of life (at least 12,000 years) living both before and after the flood, and had established and nurtured all the three Tamil Sangams from 9600 BC to 600 AD. Source:

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Jun 19, 2018
Melchizedek is Jesus NEW
by: Abel Peter Fernandes

It is rather more simple to understand Melchizedek if you read John:8:48-59. Jesus says that Abraham knows him. The fact that bread and wine was offered to Abraham, actually tells us that Melchizedek revealed himself to Abraham as the lord and saviour Christ that was to come. That is why Abraham gave 10th of his wealth as an offering to God. Thank you and God bless you.

Dec 28, 2014
by: Elijahovah

This is absurd insanity. There are 10 kings, not 8. The 8 list omits 2 names only in one list while all other lists have 10 names. Melchizedek means king of righteousness which before the Flood was regarded proven by longevity. If you die, then you failed some where. Thus Jared was the first to exceed Adam's age of 930 by living 962, and Methuselah was 2nd and last to exceed the 962. Noah exceeded the 930 and Gilgamesh began to claim Noah wouldn't ever die. When Noah died at 949, there were 200 days between the December 24 night he went to sleep and the Egyptian Pamenot new year 350 of July 14. That is 200 days from being found dead and it labeled as Christmas morn until the last date of the Egyptian year (Epagum 5) on July 13. This age of 494 accredited that 950 on new year 350, was already 954 years in the 360-day calendar because his being found dead Christmas morn was the date 4-18 past the new year 954.
No one has lived that long since so until he died, he had been called Melchizedek in reference to he replacing 969-year Methuselah in the Flood year who died the day of the asteroid impact then 7 days of packing during world flooding before the rain came and the tsunami that lifted the ark followed by constant tectonic drop until they reached Ararat 150 days later. There was no Melchizedek before the Flood, that would be the angels who ruled and were 1000s or millions of years old. But the years they ruled is mistranslation because 28,800 days is 80 years (not 28,000 years). And they didnt die, they passed the throne to the next inventor, the next angel, the next heavenly brother. However, their presence brought death because the carbon-14 they produced is what began to age us from 600 to 900 years of age. NOW C-14 is 12 times more and ages us to a maximum Moses says is 70 or 80, but physics seem to indicate a perfect life tainted by C-14 will last to age 137. Water canopy is going back up. Head for the mountains before impact.

There are four Melchizedeks. Noah was divided into two, the Nimrod Melchizedek of Egypt known as Narmer the Rod (Nimrod's sceptor), or Nar the Merod (marauder), Nar Mar (Nar The Son). he was given the same name as Noah; Noah was called Man at 930, thus Man Nu; and Narmer was given the same name Men or Mena, or Min, or Menes (menace). Both names evolved to be English for Adam. Shem Melchizedek was passive by example he was leader building Salem, and Nimrod Melchizedek was claimed righteous by assertive agression. But as always people ask you to war for them and then blame you. So Shem chose Abram for the people to look upon as Melchizedek righteous in ways and this is why Jewish Demetrius and Jewish Eupolemus pivot the 600-year half cycle and 1200-year cycle on Abram's death in 1843bc by having a 3043bc Flood. They are using the year 1200 of Nimrod's death 600 after the Flood. NOah born 600 before, NImrod dying 600 after. And so Demetrius takes Abram's death in 1843bc and claims Abram died in 1798bc, and that it was Salem Melchizedek who died in 1843bc at 600, born in 2443bc, 100 years after Shem died at 600 in 2543bc, because it was 500 after the Flood 3043bc and he had been born in 3143bc, 100 before Flood when Noah was 500, from birth 3643bc as 600 before Flood. Then Eupolemus sees 3643bc as Flood, but with the calendar created 600 years later in 3043bc it is still then the year 1200 to Salem Melchizedek dying in 1843bc which is really Abram's death. So you see. Melchizedek is who ever followed who, but they knew Salem's king Adonis-Zedek was 1000-year old Melchizedek from 2468bc to 1468bc. So why would they give Melchizedek a birth of 2443bc. OK wow God just answered me here. Because Venus Semiramis is a 235-year cycle of only 1175 sidereal years instead of the 1200-year cycle. Thus they equate Salem Melchizedek as Semiramis Venus; (2443bc -2208bc -1973bc -1738bc -1503bc -1268bc) wait a minute 1268bc is Ninus. Oh ok, that was 1175-year versus 1200-year, not 1000-year which is 200 years earlier in 1468bc. By the way Joshua died in 1443bc 400 years after Abram died, just as Adonis-Zedek died in 1468bc killed by Joshua 400 years after Shem Melchizedek died (Salem Melchizedek if you push Shem back 600 more years).

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