Maps in Peleg's Time

by Mae Jean Michal
(Humble, Texas USA)

It seems that when Bible scholars produce maps to "show" the dispersion of the nations, they forget that the land in the beginning after the flood was all one piece. This is not theory in that the Bible makes reference to the time when the continents were divided. Genesis 10:25 This event happened four (4) generations after the flood. Knowing what we know now about the constant movement of the tectonic plates albeit slow, I am forced to assume that something loud/catastrophic may have happened during Peleg's time specifically before or during his being named. Sometimes the Bible is a little too brief: "...for in his days the earth was divided..." Peleg is said to mean "little brook". I'm neither supporting the Young Earth Creationists (although I am a Creationist) nor scientists. We do not know how long Adam and Eve lived in the Garden before the fall. The Bible says "earth" and I believe that's what it means. I do not adhere to the notion that the lands were politically divided with Noah's sons at this time. Nor do I adhere to the idea that the Tower of Babel was after Peleg just because Genesis 11 comes after Genesis 10. It is thus for convenience sake as not to disrupt the flow of the genealogy list. Nimrod was Ham's grandson, three (3) generations after the flood. Peleg was fourth (4) generation. It could be assumed that Peleg was born during the dispersion of the Tower of Babel. However, I must adhere to the belief that when the fountains of the earth broke forth to produce the Flood, the continents started moving and during the naming of Peleg a severe rift formed that was noteworthy in the Bible. Hypothetically, could the "Little Brook" have been the beginning of the Mediterranean? Ha! Do I have some questions for God!

My point in all of this is that when anyone talks about the birthing of the nations and redistribution of man after Babel, they can assert that there were different ways to get to Europe and the Americas than what we see now. We can also recognize that man built boats just like their grandfather Noah.

Very nice web site. Thank you for your work.

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