Lamb Was Slain

by Elmo

Revelation 13.8

All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. When did the Lamb slain? who laid the foundation of the world?

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Dec 24, 2022
this sounds like something from the Brothers Grimm, Fairy Tales. NEW
by: Hoyte

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2nd Timothy 4:3-4)

Aug 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

Will you please tell me which scripture says :
scripture also says the 144,000 kings were chosen before the foundation.

Aug 22, 2014
The Foundation of the World
by: Elijahovah

The expression Foundation of the world refers to Cain. So Abel was the one first slain since that foundation. However, scripture also says the 144,000 kings were chosen before the foundation which implied the plan came into effect with sin before Cain was born. Thought this is a truth, the real origin of the 144,000 kings are the four generations of Peleg and Reu and Serug and Nahor totaling 144,000 men aging four times faster than preFlood Noah. Adam's year 2256am as the clock of the world is mistaken as the Flood when it is 600 after the Flood.

This misplaces the foundation of our NEW WORLD of 1656am as being 2256am which then puts the confusion of aging and death which happened with Peleg in 1996am as being labeled as BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. In other words Peleg's death in 1996am being regarded as 600 years of the world (the new world of 1656am), is now mistaken as being 260 years before the new world, before the Flood 2256am. Thus making the 144,000 chosen before the Flood. In fact because Noah was 600 when the Flood came, this giving the Flood as 2256am then makes his birth the 1656am and Noah is then 260 in 1996am. But the world's issue when Noah is 260 is not the same as when Peleg dies before mere age of 240 when Noah is 940. Thus the foundation of the slain Lamb (Abel) is not the same as the slain Lamb (Peleg). It is Peleg's death that started the claim that the Lamb who is slain goes to heaven. This is why Nahor Mes.Kalumdug and (grand) son Haran A.Kalumdug committed mass suicide on the first anniversay of Peleg Mes.Anipada's death so as to join Peleg (Ur's founder) in heaven with their 68 wives (Lot's mother excluded).

I wish to thank you for making me realize how Peleg and Abel share that title of being the first Lamb. The last lamb is the bride who must die when asteroid comes. She must do this because the worlds kings have the wrong way to survive it. And the only way that the 144,000 can defy them is to call the last ones to heaven. Suicide is out. It must be legal as in the way Jesus was killed in court by the kings who have wrong answers. This will get survivors to ignore government martial law to survive this asteroid the true way. But why must the 144,000 be complete.

Because when they prove Satan wrong, that God does know how to pick humans who are close enough to be perfect, only then does God give them what he gave Jesus. The 40 days of power to humn flesh 40 days after death. This is why when Obama announces that God Jehovah's telescopes and computers have found an undeniable impact calculated, it will allow the 47 days that Noah had, and Jesus had, 7 to prepare for 40 to appear dead saying do not fear Pharaoh we are with you like the funnel-cloud that parted the Red Sea.

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