whenever a recognized apostle or prophet in the new testament states a fact which contradicts the old testament, we should understand that they knew more about the old testament and its proper interpretation in the Septuagint than the masorites and the king James translators of the Masoretic text. when reading the king James genesis, the English is derived from a text created by jews in the 4th century a.d. this text was compiled from latin and greek manuscripts and was compiled from many sources, some corrupt.what I mean to say is it is much easier to take the word of the new testament, rather than try to unravel the huge birds nest that is the kjv of the o.t. therefore since jude says cain was of the devil,we can ascertain that eve was already pregnant with cain when adam had sex with her the very first time.also later on Yahwah describes the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. where could the seed of the serpent come from if not from eve? and obviously abel and seth respectively were and are the seed of the woman(and adam). cain is the seed of the serpent and the patriarch of the jewish race, and seth is the seed of the woman, and traces his ancestry back to his father adam, who was the son of God. the enmity that God placed between these two half brothers still exists today with the sons of God whose identity is only known as to be written in the lambs book of life, and are about as easy to identify as trying to to follow the wind. and the sons of cain are the sons of the serpent and the devil the dragon the wicked one.niether of these races are of this world. the rest of the races on earth are of this earth.

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