Joshua And the Battle are REAL!


The collapse of the walls, and many other objects, prove that the bible is true. It has been proven that the city was inhabited at the time of the battle. People don't want that to be true, so they leave out the facts which point that out, or they just make up something.

Do not close your ears to God and his truth!

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Dec 07, 2012
Joshua at Jericho
by: Tom

We know Joshua was at the battle of Jericho in the days when the pharoah Amenhotep III reigned over Egypt, because Amenhotep III received the Tel-Amarna letters from Canaanite kings pleading for Egyptian troops to defeat the Haribu (Hebrews).

Amenhotep III's scarabs were found at the Jericho archaeological site in the debris left over from Joshua's conquest. Amenhotep III sent no troops there.

Joshua said cursed be the man who rebuilds Jericho; and Jericho was rebuilt around 600+ years later in Israel's king Ahab's reign.
(SEE Joshua 6:26 and 1 Kings 16:33-34)

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