Joseph the Hebrew

by Jared
(Blue Ridge GA)

I would like to point out a passage that struck me after I read this article.

Not only was Abraham called a Hebrew, but Joseph, just the 3rd generation later, was identified as a Hebrew to the Pharaoh.

Very few in number to be identified with a tribal name before the pharaoh. Why not be called a Caananite?

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Jan 24, 2011
Joseph the Hebrew
by: Stanley7

Hi Jared, Shep Campbell and all Others,

First of all Jacob, 91, Hebrew and Rachel, 28, Hebrewess bore a son Joseph on Wednesday, Adar/ JULY, 7th Day in 2199th Lord Year (1st Year) in Haran/ Paddan-Aram, Assyria, Mesopotamia. Then later all they moved their all children to settle in a city of Shechem, Samaria, Canaan. When Joseph, 17, was a Hebrew shepherd, Jacob sent Joseph with Joseph's beautiful colored cloak to Dothan, Samaria, Canaan,(From Shechem 12 miles Northwest to Dothan), to find his brothers there. Joseph's oldest brother, Reuben was the first one to ask his brothers to throw Joseph, 17, out into a pit in Dothen. When the Middities found Joseph and pulled Joseph out of the pit and sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for their monies. The Ishmaelites took Joseph to Eygpt.

Yes, you, Jared are correct that certainly Joseph, just the 3rd generation later, was identified as a truly Hebrew to the Pharaoh. When Joseph, 30, was married, the Pharaoh called Joseph's name "Zahenath-Paneah" in only "Eygptian" name, known as an only one tribal name before the Pharaoh. No, Joseph, not Canaanite native, just lived in the Land of Canaan, because Joseph was not born in the Land of Canaan. Okay. Thank you. Stanley7

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