J1 Z1853 - Mysterious Bloodline of India

by Paul

I belong to the Jatt ethnic group of Punjab, India. I am Y DNA Haplogroup J1 Z1853 the mutation that occurred around Khabur River. To this date we use Khabra as our surname and sometimes also name our town Khabra, Khyber Pass may have been named so after our surname as we may have been the dominate clan in that area in ancient times.

It is still a mystery how this surname and bloodline ended up in India as both undoubtedly belong to the present day border area of Syria, Iraq and Eastern Anatolia.

Most likely first my ancestors may have ended up in the Zagros Mountains and became a part of the Gutians, and later they moved to north west of China for whatever reason where the Gutians were known to Chinese as YueZie, also known as Scythian Massageate and Tocharians and eventually ended up in India as Kushans.

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Nov 14, 2018
by: Syed Adib Rafiq

Hi Paul I feel u should go into more detail of your haplogroup by doing additional y dna snp to find out where actually you have come from because j1 is mostly found in south Middle East among Arabs Jews and in Dagestan people in the north. I my self I am from India and my haplogroup is j2

Jul 08, 2018
Great Discovery NEW
by: Ariana Grande

Congratulations Paul,

You have definitely made one fascinating discovery and connected a lot of dots in this mystery, although some of it remains yet to be discovered. I wish you luck in uncovering the rest of this mystery.

Best Regards,

Ariana Grande

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