Who were the Palestinians in the Bible? While doing a word search in three different versions I cannot find the word Palestine or Palestinian.
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Sep 24, 2021
Roman Conquerors
by: Anonymous

The word Palestine does not exist in the Word of the Bible. It was added to maps in the Bible by publishers trying to sell their products. As anything added to the Word, it continues to confuse and deceive people.

The word Palestine comes from the Latin word for Philistia. Philistia was the region originally inhabited by the Philistines who were one of Israel's greatest enemies. The Romans admired the Philistine warrior culture.

After the Romans conquered Israel and Judea, the province became an imperial procuratorial province with a client king in Judea.
However, after several Jewish rebellions the province, which included Syria, Israel, and Judea, was renamed Syria Palaestina by Hadrian in 135 AD. The Romans had already destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD and massacred or enslaved most of the Jewish population of the province. The Romans chose to use the name 'Palaestina' to further insult and demoralize the Jewish people by stripping them of their homeland's identity.
Israel did not cease to exist. Jews remained in Israel throughout the time of the diaspora. Israel was simply conquered and renamed by pagan conquerors to fulfill the curses of Deuteronomy 27-28.
But, G-d fulfills His promises, too.

Mar 26, 2020
No mention of Palestine
by: Anonymous


Aug 11, 2017
Palestine? Palestinian? NEW
by: maggieblue

The people of Palestine are wanderers, so they are in various countries today...

Apr 16, 2017
Palestinian in the Bible
by: Shep

That is a great question. The answer is you will not find the word Palestinian in the Bible. Simply put, the word does not represent an ethnic group of people. It was not in use at that time to describe a people or a nation. The word itself derives from a Roman word, Palestina. The Romans, in an attempt to insult the land of Israel, gave the LAND the name Palestina (modern day, Palestine) after Israel's arch-nemesis, the Philistines. It was meant as an insult, and referred to the land - not the people.

Palestine became the name of the region, even up until "British Palestine" in the early 20th century. Thus those Arabs residing in Biblical Canaan became known as Palestinian Arabs, in other words, people of Arab ethnicity living in Palestine. Jews living in the region were the Jews of Palestine. The topic is VERY complicated and goes back hundreds of years - but the basis of why you do not see the word in the Bible is because the word was not in existence from the Bronze Age through the first century AD. Palestinian as many understand the word today, as an ethnic group of people without a home or living in an occupied land, is a modern invention and inaccurate.

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