God of Abraham and Terah

by Natalia, God's Woman(72)
(Star, Idaho, U.S.A.)

Is it possible that God first called Terah, not Abraham, to leave Ur of the Chaldeans & take his family to a place where they could serve God alone?

Is it possible that since Terah was a procrastinator & tarried too long, one son (Haran) died & another son (Nahor) was now old enough to say to his father, "No, I'm Not going with you!"?

Is it possible that by the time he left Ur, the only one that would consent to going along was Abram?

Is it possible that for the same reason (Terah not being very obedient to God) he chose to settle in Haran? Luke-warm....neither in Mesopotamia, nor in Canaan.

Is it possible that when God finally saw that Terah would not leave Haran, He decided to call Abram, instead?

Lessons....When God calls men to take their families out of the worldly system & to follow the Lord on the straight & narrow, they shouldn't procrastinate. And if the father will not do it, hopefully the son can do differently with his own family. Heed God's call.

Abraham's faith showed not only in leaving when God told him to, but also in believing for a son....NOT just any son...he was looking forward to the SEED that was promised, to be born. He believed in Jesus, before Jesus was born. Only faith in the promised Messiah saved then, & still does today.

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Mar 09, 2012
Who Was Called With Abraham?
by: Erni W.

The Bible clearly says that Abram was called, & he believed & obeyed. The fact that Terah left Ur with Abram could infer that he also was part of the call.

So, Terah procrastinated, Hahor just went with them, & Lot, he continued until there was a choice.
He chose rich living, in the well-watered cities of the plain.

Although a premise & not taught, I believe the answer is true. Obedience is the key to salvation.

Mar 04, 2011
by: DDykes

GOD knows all; sees all; and is perfect in all. So the possibilities you suggest can/could not be. He said HIMSELF, that HE is ALPHA and OMEGA, all in one, simultaneous, ergo, transcedental in time and space.

So he knew what Terah thought and would do before Terah knew it! So I believe your questions are Humanly inspired; not Spiritually, so are based on a false premise.

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