Dr. Dobro

by Curtis Burch
(Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA.)

So many times history professors, professors of archeology have claimed blunders of the Bible. Claiming many people mentioned did not exist such as Sargon, Sennacherib, Belshazzar and David. But as soon as archeologist such as Austin Henry Layard and many others find evidence in the many Tel's of Nineveh and Lachish, the debunkers say, "well those people didn't exist in the time that the Bible wrote of them." More and more we find out that those debunkers aren't as smart as they think they are! In fact to me they are just educated fools!

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Nov 07, 2015
Pathetic Losers
by: Elijahovah

Sadly debunkers are everyone. I can be a wrong debunker if I let myself. I read a statement in a Bible Commentary handbook and it said not all chronologies contradict Egypt as existing AFTER the Flood (none of it ever before the Flood). I took the negative view (an optimistic positive zealous attack against this statment by me as if they do not have guts to trust the short hebrew version and defy both Egyptian history and Egyptian Septuaging Genesis.) And so in essence my conclusion on the matter was to accuse them of accepting lies and tossing out truth. Judging THEM and taking a higher more righteous stand of my own.

BUT typical of other zealous persons damning the other to proclaim what is true - I was hit between the eyes with TRUTH. The truth is that i am like others who thought that to fight lies you have to just judge it and shun it. But the thing to shun is merely whether that lie is or is not truth. Do not shun or close your eyes to ask where could this lie come from. WE WRONGLY always tend to favor the thought that lies are deliberate, and attacks against truth, and being lawless and criminal in freedoms. THE TRUTH IS, realization came to me that if false Egypt aligns to false Genesis, then we are simply missing the true Egypt aligning to true Genesis. And so in this fact, the false had to have been derived and reconstructed from TRUE records.

WOW IS IT! It sure is. There is a true year 340, and true year 350, and true year 955 and true year 768, etc. The Egyptians merely reconstructed the same figures their way. So my point is that to say and see someone is wrong, isn't looking for the why or where. And it doesnt merely mean a swap out, a swp as in YOU say Shem died before Abram, here these are the real figures and Shem met Abram. Or you say (in Jasher) Abram lived with Noah, and no here Noah died before Abram. It isn't just a swap of my choice versus your choice. There is deeper further reasons claims were derived, and they always go beyond genealogy, and beyond mere math addition of years, and beyond traditions into connections to astronomy and to calendars. This is where then I have successfully reconstructed the evolving errors from hebrew to Septuagint to Josephus, Seder Olam, and Seder Jasher. And in this i have found that just the 13-year 780-day Marduk calendar of Mars has three versions. IT MUST in order to evolve or change the chronology as families divide to say my truth your lie. Nahor's terah TAU Marduk is the date 2148bc July 18 as conjunction of Mars on 360-day new year after Terah's birth. Babel's Marduk was brought to Babel by 18-year old Haran and so it is not Nimrod's. Nimrod at Babel noted 13-year Mars, but obviously he didn't divide it into 780-day as nahor had at Ur. Then Haran left Nineveh in 2049bc and Harran Syria starts yet a third Marduk. If i could post a PDF of the dates from 2148-2007bc here i would, otherwise email me for them.

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