Did Jephthah really perform a human sacrifice?

by Benjamin
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You might want to do a little more research on Jephthah. Making a statement that "he did" perform human sacrifices is one, controversial, and two, likely inaccurate.

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Dec 27, 2014
The Israelite Judge Jephthah
by: Elijahovah

The idea of sacrifice merely means to take a loss. It could require that you be stupid and give up your blood and your life as a fighting soldier so that all the others back home enjoy better economy making you your guns, to bring gas station prices sweetly low. In this way your blood is very sweet as my foot pumps the gas pedal. But Jephthah is saying Glad it is your son, not my daughter. This is because the life she lost was her child, her son, and she gained someone elses son 5 years later when she spoke thru the tent wall and wicked bastard Eli said go listen and ask what the voice wants. The voice is Jehovah he says. The woman isn't about to literally give up her blood slaughtered by admitting she is the one who told little Samuel that Eli's sons make whores of the virgins. Or will you indeed here too say that they were gardening (planting seed). Hannah would not have given up a 5-year old son, nor promised him, had she not already known Jephthah's daughter was there to mother him because she too had no child. It was a joint effort of two women to rid the fornication of the tabernacle tent. Or would you rather now say that sacrificing his daughter means she would daily get slain with two daggers from Eli's two sons who liked getting blood out of her (typical current Hollywood themes implying women want bondage, and cuts, and rapes, play bad girl, be abused and beg for it, the way women once had no rights and were abused, and had no power nor defense to stand against it, now men making movies convince them this is what they want for FUN, be abused and love it, call it great sex... so please do, throw in the whole scene not just Jephthah but Eli and Hannah and Samuel and Eli's two sons etc. Maybe you will say Hannah lied and truly was drunk.

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