Community Shaman

by Steve Staniek
(Picton, Ontario, Canada)

1. The OT reports that Yahweh made his first of many holocausts in Jericho, circa 1,400 BCE, where he absolutely slaughtered and ritually burned every living creature. The back story says Yahweh went "holocaustic on Jericho" as vengeance or punishment for refusing to fall down and worship him previously.
2. I note that Yahweh deceived his partner into wrongly believing that Yahweh owned the promised land, which he did not. The delusional promised land had to be taken with violence, so armed robbery on a massive scale. There was no compassion, or mercy to those who denied Yahweh's egoic Supremacy. Jericho, fact or fiction was an exercise in priestly fiction, written to grab absolute power with the nastiest champion god they could recruit. Yahweh old job was the god of the forge weapons in Sumer, according to their records.
3. Samaria, Israel, was/is a colony of Sumer. Sumerian stone records inform us that Yahweh was a Sumerian deity, and Abraham was the son of a Sumerian high priest who taught his son ancient art of godcraft. Young Abraham and Yahweh agreed to start a Sumerian colony in the Levant, and once their numbers grew Yahweh launched humanity on a 35 century path of destructive, violent colonization.
4. Today, we are witnessing the second colonization of Palestine by the sons of Sumer.

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May 10, 2024
AmericanViolencevsCanadianSupremacy NEW
by: Community Shaman

21st Century Americans are as addicted to individual and collective violence [war], as Canadians are addicted to the pernicious delusion of "dominion or supremacy", over Canada’s indigenous nations, all in the pursuit of: power, profit, and pleasure.

Under incompetent Loyalist leadership, Prince Edward County became a tragically failed community, and the starting node for British-Christian Upper Canada. It was the primary source of Loyalist "colonial terrorism", a historically criminal process dating back to biblical times, and defined as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth."

United Empire Loyalists [UELs], were the criminal elite of the British Empire, who were driven out of New England for their sociopathic indifference to the harm they were inflicting on their British Subjects. They were addicted to violent power, and united in their aristocratic dementia, covetous greed, and racial and social hatred of those they deemed to be inferior.

To demonstrate Loyalist passion for violent conquest, County Loyalists named their streets: "Jericho" and "Gomorrah", to honour and memorialize the indigenous genocide allegedly produced by the Hebrew entity Yahweh. The criminal taking of the so-called Promised Lands to produce Israel 1.0, is being repeated today as the remaining fragments of innocent Palestine are being destroyed once again by Zionist terrorists like Bebe Netanyahu.

The one commonality between Israel 1.0 and Israel 2.0 is the genocide each one produced against indigenous Palestinians to create a home for wandering Jews. The biblical destruction of ancient Jericho is estimated to have destroyed about 3,000 lives, while today's destruction of Gaza by Zionist Terrorist Bebe Netanyahu has already destroyed about 34,000 innocent Palestinians to take their lands and create Greater Israel.

Israel 2.0 has operated as a criminal state since 1948, when the victims of the German Christian Holocaust in Europe turned into the villains of the Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza. Israel will never climb out of the criminal abyss, because it continually violates the first law of the universe, which demands "RESEPECT FOR ALL LIFEFORMS". Yahweh remains the eternal champion of human and environmental destruction.

May 07, 2024
Who or What Was Yahweh, the Scourge of Palestine? NEW
by: Community Shaman

As we sort Hebrew fact from fiction with the help of Sumerian clay documents, we learn that Yahweh was documented in Sumer as one of 70 sons of El, and this group became known as the hidden Elohim also recorded as the Tetragrammaton.

In order to understand the theocracy known historically as Israel 1.0 [Samaria], we need to go deep into its mother civilization known as Sumer, to find the origins of its founding god Yahweh. This ineffable or hidden entity functioned as a holocaustic or absolutely destructive force revealed in Ezra’s controversial "channellings" as the Scourge of Jericho.

This person, entity, or force emerged from the man-made fog of history to inspire "human genocide" in ancient Jericho, and 25 centuries later in Gaza, Palestine.

So was Yahweh a real physical person, a fictional creation of an ambitious and covetous priesthood, or a cosmic force or stream of destructive energy, which penetrated Earth like a burning comet or space launched missile, and may have produced the total destruction of Jericho, as channeled by Ezra?

The official narrative we’ve been forced to accept as human history, has been written largely by "the criminal conquerors" as a deadly mixture of fact and fiction [fake history], to cover up their horrible crimes and atrocities against humanity and the environment, in order to disguise their evil agendas over time as righteous acts, which must never be questioned or challenged.

So where can we go to find our real history?
Since humanity was seeded on this planet millions of years ago, there have always been groups of conscientious humans who recorded and protected our true history. These dedicated and hidden protectors of truth grew into Secret Brotherhoods, in order to survive thousands of years of covetous violence by colonizing forces, whose agenda has always been the domination and enslavement of humanity.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was arguably the best informed, and most astute spiritual researcher of the 19th century, who travelled the world in search of spiritual truths to free humanity of its dark and self-destructive ignorance. Helena was one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, but unfortunately she also made contact with, and was influenced by questionable spiritual sources sequestered on the Moon, who may have been part of the problem instead of the solution to humanity’s enslavement. We must therefore be cautious in how we read her writings, in order to "rationally sort out fact from fiction" for ourselves.

Nevertheless, there has been "a stream of truth" protected and preserved by caring humans since antiquity.

In Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, she reveals ancient mysteries. In Chapter 9, "Demon Est Deus Inversus", she writes: "One cannot claim God as the synthesis of the whole universe, as Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Infinite, and then divorce him from evil. As there is far more evil than good in the world, it follows on logical grounds that either god must include evil, or stand as the direct cause of it, or else surrender his claims to absoluteness…..Indeed, evil is but an antagonizing blind force in nature; it is reaction, opposition, and contrast, evil for some, good for others…."

May 05, 2024
ObelisksAreSerpentSymbols NEW
by: Community Shaman

Ever wonder why so many obelisks are scattered in capital cities across the globe?

Unearthed stone records inform us that the descendants of the Anunnaki are shape-shifting reptilians, who have enslaved humanity through our DNA and our pineal gland, and they worship their source of power, the serpent.

The obelisk is a universal symbol of historic serpent power over humanity, which has been erected in capitals around the world, wherever serpent power is concentrated.

The reptilian obelisk is "a straight line or serpent", topped by a pyramid of control, which represents the serpent hierarchy. Obelisks have been installed in: Rome, Paris, London, Washington, Istanbul, Ottawa, etc…as proof of Anunnaki mastery over humanity.

When the Anunnaki modified the human genetic blueprint of their worker slaves, they upgraded their intellects so that this group could follow Anunnaki instructions more effectively, but they failed to upgrade the moral parts of their brains, leaving them in ethical darkness.

May 05, 2024
WasYahwehaColonizingReptilian NEW
by: Community Shaman

We know from Sumerian records that Yahweh was one of 70 sons, fathered by the top Anunnaki entity known as El, who travelled from the rogue planet Nibiru, to colonize Earth around 250,000 years ago. Around that time, they genetically altered the DNA of the local human biped they found wandering the landscape, to create a species of human slave workers, to toil in the Anunnaki mines for monoatomic gold.

The Anunnaki were not human, but a species of reptilian shape shifters, who colonized Earth for its mineral wealth, and whose descendants continue to control parts of humanity through false religions, and political and economic domination.
These serpent worshippers became our masters long ago, and taught us to make war.

Sumerian rock carvings and clay records predate all other western civilizations, and depict Anunnaki entities as having human form, to conceal their true non-human reptilian nature which is visually repulsive to humans.

Sumerian records also reveal how the Anunnaki engineered human DNA around 250,000 BCE, and modified the pineal gland, which looks like a pine cone, to function as a biological transducer, to allow the Anunnaki to control the perception and thoughts of their slave workers.

It‘s an accepted fact today, that Old Testament author Ezra "channelled" parts of the OT, beginning with the first holocaust in Jericho, to demonstrate the omnipotence of his champion god Yahweh, so who was Ezra’s source?

Did Ezra, like Ezekial and other "prophets" get their information from the Anunnaki mother ship, which has always been hiding in proximal space, as the ineffable Yahweh?

The Anunnaki entity known as Yahweh does not have a physical presence on Earth, and requires human blood as a portal through which it may manifest itself in this dimension, hence the blood contract between Yahweh and Abraham. Abraham contracted to supply Yahweh with rivers of human blood to satisfy his parasitic champion entity.

May 02, 2024
FinkelConcealsIsraelsSumerianOrigins NEW
by: Community Shaman

Today’s Israel 2.0 has just ONE thing in common with historic Israel 1.0, "colonial terrorism"; and in the 21st century we define it as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth."

The Curator of the British Museum, Irving Finkel, has had access to a huge trove of artefacts unearthed from ancient Palestine-Israel, to sort out Israel’s true history. Only by setting aside Ezra’s fantastic fictions [channeling], and looking at the hard evidence do we arrive at the bizarre truth. As a dedicated scholar, Finkel studied an ocean of artefacts long enough to put together the great puzzle of how one mother civilization in Mesopotamia gave birth to many Sumerian city states. Those cities grew over time to colonize their neighbours with violence, and may have become the infamous "Maurauding Sea People", who terrorized the Levant, and brought covetous genocide to Palestine.

Irving Finkel seems like an astute and honest man, so why does he not release the truth about the ancient state of Israel, which was in fact a criminal state that colonized the region with destructive violence learned from their blood thirsty Sumerian ancestors?

Israel 2.0 lives in denial of the truth about its Sumerian origins. We have discovered the historic fact that ancient Israel 1.0 came out of Sumer, and Israelis are in fact ancient Sumerians. DNA tests suggest a strong link. Ezra made his Anunnaki-Sumerian god Yahweh omnipotent, ie: a genocidal force that destroyed without mercy or compassion. The demonic Yahweh, opened the sinister path to the eternal abyss with genocidal colonialism.

Mar 29, 2024
Ezra Learned Primitive Mind Control in Babylon NEW
by: Community Shaman

The more we study the roots of Hebrew history the more we recognize the deadly mixture of fact and fiction created by power hungry men in ancient times, who practiced a primitive form of mind control, in order to gain political [religious] power over their tribes and nations. These were the dark shamans and priests who seized political power through spiritual myths [fiction].

Hebrew priest and OT author Ezra learned higher godcraft from the Babylonians [around 450 BCE], who learned it from the Sumerians, who invented "mind control", or thought control over their servants and worker slaves. The Anunnaki who colonized Mesopotamia imposed powerful myths on their human slave workers like: "The Divine Right of Kings", which persists to this day in places like Britain, still ruled by the "royal descendants" of the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki had genetically modified the indigenous humans they found wandering the landscape, into worker slaves, to toil in their gold mines. The Anunnaki were technically but not spiritually advanced beings, who demanded to be obeyed and worshipped as gods. They changed the existing indigenous belief in a mother goddess, by forcing their workers to worship them instead.

So "WHY" did Ezra mislead his people into believing that their champion god, Yahweh-Jehovah ordered Hebrew males to cut off their foreskins in sacrifice to him? Ezra claimed that Yahweh demanded this "sacrifice of male flesh" as part of the blood covenant, but I think it was an attempt by Ezra to explain why Hebrew males were forced to do this horrible thing to their genitals, which degenerated into the bloody mutilation of infant genitals.

The OT claims that when Abraham finally arrived in Palestine, he launched the practice of circumcision after standing in the sun for a long time, where he heard a voice ordering him to cut off his foreskin. After complying, he returned to his village, where he told every male to do the same. Was this really his travelling companion Yahweh or a nasty Jinn impersonator, whose dark trickery has persisted to this day?

So "WHAT" really motivated Abraham to harm his body? Palestine is not in the Middle East as wrongly claimed by western politics, but in Africa, and circumcision was an pre-existing African practice in Palestine in Abraham's day. When Abraham found himself peeing amongst suspicious Palestinian men, his uncircumcised penis would give him away as a foreigner. In order to blend in among Palestinian men of the day, he pretended to be one of them by disguising his genitals to fit in.

Mar 18, 2024
Do The Jinn Still Rule Israel? NEW
by: Community Shaman

Any nation-state whose foundations are constructed with political or religious fictions to conceal its crimes and atrocities, and imposed on its population as "official narratives", will never achieve legitimacy in ethical minds.

Much of Hebrew history created by ambitious Hebrew priests, and inherited by Constantine’s Christians as the dogma of the Old Testament [OT], was created by power hungry shamans or priests like Ezra, through an imaginative process which today’s developed psychics categorize as: "channelling".

Because channelling is an internal, subjective process, the information which emerges as dogma, is easily corrupted by the personal desires or the hidden agenda of the channeller. Channelled information receives a quantum of credence in the non-occult world, especially when material evidence in form of unearthed historic artefacts contradicts the challenged information, repeatedly.

The Persian conquest of Israel [613 BC?] destroyed and scattered the old Hebrew patriarchal hierarchy of religious and political power held by dominating and demanding male priests for centuries. Sensing a power vacuum, Hebrew women quickly returned to their indigenous goddess of the land called Asherah, a matriarchal force which was worshipped across the Levant for her divine support of families. This nurturing mother goddess who rides a lion while holding snakes in her hands to show her mastery over nature, had supported families for thousands of years across the Levant. She was worshipped in Palestine before, during, and after Yahweh’s priests ran their nasty and dark campaigns for political power.

Great numbers of statues of the mother goddess Asherah unearthed recently by Finkelstein from the historic ruins of Hebrew homes, confirm that she was the much loved and trusted goddess of: fertility, bread, and hearth. Hebrew women worshipped and turned to her during hardships; childbirth, famine, and male violence. In contrast, Yahweh-Jehovah was an oppressive temple god with rules and absurd demands for blood and foreskins, promoted by an oppressive priesthood. He was a destructive, genocidal, and blood thirsty entity, whose narcissistic behaviour could never be trusted by mothers.

Upon his return to a fractured Israel following his Babylonian exile around 450 BCE, Ezra decided to restore Israel with a champion god he borrowed from Babylon, who had Sumerian origins. Ezra upgraded or "sexed up" Yahweh –Jehovah, one of the 70 sons of the Sumerian high god El, a non-physical, low-level god of the forge or weapons making, into the perfect, omnipotent, creator god, to be: feared, obeyed, and worshipped without question.

It was written that when Abram left the Sumerian city of Ur because of civil war, he fled through the hostile desert where the evil Jinn where known to exist and operate. The Jinn are non-physical entities who required blood to manifest physically, and according to the Koran they prey on humans by impersonating their spiritual leaders.

It is very likely, that malicious desert Jinn attached themselves to Abram, and misled him to adopt evil practices like circumcision. They misled Abraham’s offspring to destroy the first born of Egypt, followed by the holocaustic destruction of Jericho. Abraham and his people had to ensure a steady supply of human blood to satisfy their Jinn overlords.

Mar 15, 2024
TheCriminalityofColonialismLaunchedinJericho NEW
by: Community Shaman

For the last five centuries, the British Christian Empire grew into the most criminal organization to have terrorized humanity and the environment with covetous destructive colonization since the fall of Rome [450 CE?].

Colonial terrorism is defined by ethical students as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth."

In the 16th century, Britain’s elites formed a supremacist cult of political power calling themselves, "British Lions", and they are without question the top predators. They organized a criminal hierarchy which they imposed on British society with violence, until British commoners were legally transformed into British Subjects or slaves with fake laws. British Lions learned the art of colonial enslavement at the feet of their Roman masters.

Roman supremacists taught the British Lions the dark and powerful secret of human addiction to pain. Romans discovered that if you beat a man with stick day after day, week after week, that the physical pain which produces extreme neurological stimulation, would become the new norm for the victim over time, and soon he would look forward to his next "fix" or beating. In time the victim would become so addicted to his beatings that he would be waiting at the door to hand the stick to his tormentors who now appeared to be his benefactors. Fully addicted to physical pain, this victim becomes a villain as he inflicts this horrible treatment on others, claiming to civilize them with his self-indulgent agenda.

British Lions became the greatest source of global evil in the form of colonial terrorism, which turned the indigenous worlds red with innocent blood, in the pursuit of native treasures including the unlawful theft of entire continents.

Britain’s criminal offspring include modern terrorists states like: the USA, Israel, Canada, and Australia, which continue to terrorize the entire world with military aggression aimed not as self-defence but military and political takeovers of sovereign states. Military empires do not respect or honour the sovereignty of weaker states.

Colonial empires cling to the delusion or fiction that they're: civilizing the pagan, bringing order to chaos, or taking back historic lands abandoned thousands of years before. Their destructive agenda is absolutely criminal, with no redeeming features. Nothing good came of all this destruction, genocide, and enslavement.

These lawless states expose their criminal agenda with military violence, which they justify by citing the holocaustic destruction of "Jericho" as a necessary and divine act, instead of what it really was, ie: a hideously criminal human transgression against humanity.

It's clear that the western press has no moral or ethical compass, and until it finds a new compass, the world will struggle and suffer in darkness.

Feb 29, 2024
Netanyahu Sacrifices Israel to the Criminal Abyss NEW
by: Community Shaman

Ethical Canadians who are fed up with generations of criminal governance in Canada, are on a sacred mission to expose Canada’s historic criminality revealed in sordid detail in the Truth and Reconciliation Report as a hidden Christian war against Canada’s unprotected native children.

Canada was constructed with colonial terrorism, a criminal practice of land theft dating back to biblical Jericho, which has destroyed billions if not trillions of human lives in the demented pursuit of empires.

As the world watches Israel’s invading Zionists commit covetous genocide against Palestine’s relatively innocent indigenous Arab Muslim populations once again, we are silent witnesses to colonial terrorism, defined by its students as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth."

The Vatican’s "Doctrine of Discovery" [1493], was a fake manufactured authority, which gave every European-Christian nation a spiritual green light to become global predators. Just as ancient Ezra used the taking of Jericho in the Old Testament to lead his Hebrews down into the criminal abyss of: genocide, land theft, and enslavement around 450 BCE, a morally twisted pedophile Pope named Alexander VI, led his Christians down into the same abyss from which it has never emerged. Netanyahu’s covetous holocaust in Gaza, which will spread to the West Bank soon, has driven the invading nation of Israel into deeper criminality, where it will remain locked down as an international pariah.

Nations constructed with criminal colonialism will never achieve legitimacy within their own moral and ethical sectors, and will certainly never be admitted into the ethical community of unaligned nations, who recognize the USA and its partners in crime like: the UK, Canada, and Australia, as the biggest threats to world peace today.

Feb 27, 2024
TheLongJourneyoftheHumanSoul NEW
by: Community Shaman

After roaming Earth’s landscape for about 7 million years, the self-ignorant human is still the greatest mystery to walk this magnificent planet. Where did humans come from, what are we doing here, and where do we go when the life energies that forced air into our newborn lungs, finally leave us.

The Ancients tell us that along our journey to explore the cosmos, the human spirit was drawn into and became trapped in the lower vibrational world of dense materialism, where our higher spiritual vibrations became suppressed, distorted, and reduced to shadowy memories of our former selves.

Ancient mystery schools were faithful keepers of man’s origins, and they suggest that there are seven steps to initiation in order for human spirits to navigate out of the physical trap they find themselves struggling in, and return to the spiritual path that leads humanity back to the collective consciousness of divinity.

As humanity indulged in the sense world of materialism, it's spirit became addicted and trapped in the crystalline structure some call the world matrix. The ancients provide various sacred teachings and practices designed to shed the lower energies incorporated by humans, through various sacred practices to become fully spiritual again, and move out of the matrix and into their divine nature, as creator gods.

In occult circles, humans have been called "the spark hanging at the end of the flame", and we are self-organizing spiritual energy with a curious intelligence capable of grasping the cosmos. Through human senses, we became drawn to, addicted, and enslaved in the lower energies [frequencies] of materialism, and we needed a way to escape those bonds in order navigate the long road back to the godhead.

The All That Is, is the creator force or source of all life which expresses itself in cycles of activity and inactivity. This force undergoes periods of expansion [growth] followed by periods of shrinkage [decay] creating cycles of life and death. We mirror cosmic cycles throughout our diurnal lives of waking and sleeping.
Our working hypothesis assumes that our conscious state is the main human state that we operate within everyday, but this limited state represents less than 4% of our physical life. We are born from the great subconscious or collective consciousness into conscious life, which is a vehicle to travel between the lowest levels of the multiverse to its highest level known as the Higher Self.

There is a liminal state between the lower and the upper worlds. It's a trance state between the conscious and unconscious mind, from which we can access everything and nothing.

Feb 25, 2024
IsraelsIsYahweh'sSacrificialAltar NEW
by: Community Shaman

Repent Oh Israel, for you have cursed your families and lands with blood spilled in covetous anger.

The spirit of Israel known as Yahweh-Jehovah emerged from the Sumerian pantheon as a god of the forge or weapons making. According to Israel's official narrative Yahweh's first taste of human blood came from Egypt's first born sons.

Months later in the dry desert, Yahweh demanded and drank the blood of Israel's newborn sons.

Once Yahweh's army attacked Jericho, Yahweh demanded and drank the blood of every innocent human and animal family in Jericho.

Over time, the state of Israel grew into a sacrificial altar, where generations of both Jews and Gentiles have been slain to satisfy Yahweh's blood lust. Rivers of blood have covered the Cities of Israel especially Jerusalem, cursing these lands with dark energy which arises from the spilling of human blood in covetous rage.

Yahweh's spiritual leadership took his Hebrews down into the moral abyss of bloody colonial genocide in Jericho around 1450 BCE, where the first of many colonial holocausts was performed, and in Gaza in 2023.

Ezra, Yahweh, and Netanyahu have sealed Israel's fate as a criminal state, forever. Healing this disaster will require enormous intervention.

Feb 21, 2024
ATributetoGraemeMacQueen NEW
by: Community Shaman

Yesterday, I discovered a film on Tubi, [on the internet] called: "Peace, War, & 9/11", made heroically in 2023, by Graeme MacQueen, just months before cancer ended his life. The film took me back to my days at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario where I worked for many years.

Hamilton was politically unique as we entered the 21 st century, in that some brave Jewish profs at
McMaster had formed a political group called: "Independent Jewish Voices", and they opposed the
colonization of Palestine by Zionist extremists, and the military aggression by the US government in the Middle East. This was extraordinary, and they stood up to the brutal criticisms of their Jewish community, as they defended moral and ethical principles, instead of Zionist propaganda.
A small subgroup led by an ethical Jew named Ken who emerged from that group, to start up: "The Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War" [HCSW]. Ken had served in the Canadian military, and later became a school teacher, and political activist against war.

Coming from a family of war refugees, I have always stood against violence and war, and when the Bush governments attacked Afghanistan [2001] and Iraq [2003], I joined Ken’s, "Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War [HCSW]". We marched the streets of Hamilton to protest violence, and wrote articles to expose war crimes and atrocities.

The HCSW elected me to represent them in the Canadian Peace Alliance. The CPA was an umbrella
organization to coordinate and provide direction to about 150 independent antiwar groups across
Canada. When I attended my first CPA conference at my old school, Ryerson University, I discovered
that the CPA had passed a resolution condemning Canada’s nuclear industry for its role in nuclear
warfare. I found myself in an untenable situation. I was still employed by the nuclear industry, and I could not in good conscience support the CPA so long as that resolution was on the books, so I resigned with regrets.

Around that time, Graeme MacQueen, a prof in religious studies at McMaster, founded The Center for Peace Studies. He was instrumental in bringing speakers like Linda McQuaig and Noam Chomsky to
lecture at Mac. McQuaig wrote: "Holding the Bully’s Coat", and Chomsky has written many books
including: "Who Rules the World", and "Manufacturing Ignorance".

When I resigned from the CPA because of its condemnation of Canada’s nuclear industry, I dug deep to understand this resolution. Canadian nuclear plants use low-grade uranium and do not enrich it into bomb-grade uranium, therefore have nothing to contribute to Washington’s nuclear arsenal.

The only nuclear contribution that I knew of was Canada’s small part in developing the Manhattan Project, in nuclear research labs at McGill and Master. In fact, Dr. Harry Thode, the Canadian farm boy from the prairies who became a world famous geochemist, and did this important research on behalf of Oppenheimer’s gang during WWII, had an office just down the hall from mine. The irony of the Canadian father of the nuclear bomb on one side of the campus, and the founder of the Center for Peace Studies on the other, made for a bizarre academic environment.

I have not seen the current film "Oppenheimer" but I wonder how Canada’s contribution was presented
in the film. American egos tend to downplay contributions from others.

Feb 20, 2024
TheHistoricAnti-ChristConstantine1 NEW
by: Community Shaman

When ancient Roman Emperor Constantine the Conqueror, [Constantine 1], hijacked a fledgling and confused Jesus movement around 312 CE, which had been continuously corrupted and undermined by many fake Jesus teachings written by paid Hebrew turncoats like Josephus, he became the anti-Christ.
Constantine changed the traditional symbol of Christianity which was "The Phoenix of Resurrection", a symbol of renewed life and liberation found on early Christian headstones, into the Roman Cross of Death. The Roman Cross symbolized Rome’s power and domination over the physical and spiritual lives of its victims.
Roman slaves were forced to accept physical and spiritual enslavement or die.
"Spiritual enslavement" requires that the person surrenders his eternal soul, his divine essence, to a false master, deity, or god. A soulless human becomes a spiritual slave through his beliefs. Constantine perfected his formula for brutal colonialism with three prongs:
1. Massive, organized, absolute violence to break down all physical resistance to Rome’s military takeovers [ physical domination].
2. A state religion imposed with violence on everyone to control the hearts and minds of Romans and slaves, and render them docile [spiritual domination]
3. Fake colonial laws designed to seize and control indigenous nations and their land wealth, under a "veneer of legitimacy" [legal domination].

Jesus the Nazarene was from the royal house of David, and he was educated in all of the mystery schools and secret brotherhoods of the day. He studied and embraced Buddhism which was already established in Palestine, and when he spoke of his father in heaven, he was actually referring to the beloved Buddhist deity known as "Foh", and not the destructive Sumerian deity: "Yahweh-Jehovah".
Past Emperors like Titus, corrupted and bastardized Jesus's teachings with continuous injections of Roman fiction, and around 325 CE, Constantine pivoted the Jesus movement when he took editorial control over the Roman Bible. His criminal ethos changed Christianity into an instrument of criminal conquest and enslavement.
Constantine’s Roman Christianity was yet another form of mind control, which created a human cage of: laws, rules, and regulations, used to enslave and control indigenous populations.
Roman Christianity became an instrument of criminal colonialism, which has spilled oceans of human blood around the world for 15 centuries, with covetous greed, anger and hate, defiling the sacred landscape.
For more than a thousand years, the Unholy Roman Empire [Catholicism], grew into a deeply criminal empire constructed by international criminal masterminds who terrorized innocent indigenous nations from Africa to Austrailia.

Feb 19, 2024
ReligionToControlHearts&Minds NEW
by: Community Shaman

Sumerian tablets inform us that the now famous colonizing race of inter-dimensional advanced beings recorded on Sumerian clay tablets as the "Anunnaki", founded a colony known as Sumer, in ancient Mesopotamia sometime around 7,000 BCE. They needed grunt workers for their gold mines, and they manipulated the local human biped in various ways into a race of: "worshipping slave workers".
This "chosen group" of naturally occurring humans was genetically altered to upgrade their offspring to comprehend the more complex instructions of their intellectually demanding and superior masters. When the Anunnaki rulers demanded that their genetically altered slaves worship them as gods, they laid the foundations for Earth’s major religions.
First, they colonized the human mind with religion, which functions as a form of secondary governance used to control the hearts and minds of Sumerians. Unfortunately, the colonization of men’s minds set in motion a destructive pattern of colonization, which resulted in oceans of human blood spilled in covetous anger until today, making Jerusalem the unholy altar on which generations of humans have been sacrificed, ending in Netanyahu’s Holocaust in Gaza.
Since antiquity, ambitious and power-hungry priests have marketed religion as insurance against the worst ultimate fate, a painful afterlife. Despite the fact that billions upon billions of human souls have been paying hard-earned premiums to these self-appointed gatekeepers for thousands of years, no religion has ever been known to fulfill its universal promise of protection beyond death. Dogma is not proof.
Religion has enslaved the human spirit with historically irrelevant demands, arbitrary rules, and frivolous regulations designed to control the mundane human instead of liberate and nurture his eternal self, his spirit. No religion has ever raised the human spirit to the levels of sovereignty, freedom, and love, not even Jesus’s matriarchal message about respecting life. His and Mary Magdalene’s message was intentionally reversed by the antichrist, Constantine I, and he injected his patriarchal message of bloody conquest which infected the human male with circular violence. He changed the symbols for Roman Christianity by imposing the Roman Cross of Death on the world. When Constantine the Editor changed the gospels to favour Rome, he included the first holocaust in Jericho because it presented absolutely criminal genocide as a divine miracle, which would silence his political detractors.
What dark sorcery did Ezra learn in Babylon, to inspire him to make the worst crime in the multiverse into a divine performance?
We all know that Saul of Tarsus was not a Hebrew nor an apostle of Jesus, but a determined saboteur who probably worked as a Roman informant or agent. He persecuted Jesus’s group relentlessly, so his imaginative [fake] conversion on the way to Damascus with a blinding vision sounds like Constantine’s fake vision of the Chi Rho before the Milvan Bridge battle.
Saul [Paul] insinuated himself into the Jesus movement from a safe distance to avoid engaging the wrath of the real apostles. Because he reveals secret teachings in his writings, Paul was most likely an initiate into other secret brotherhoods which were active in the area. His goal was to take the Jesus movement back to orthodox Judaism. He and his fake teachings were never accepted by the genuine apostles called by Jesus the shaman.

Feb 09, 2024
EuropesHolocaustContinuesinGaza NEW
by: Community Shaman

For the last few decades, the western world has been increasingly dominated by a powerful Zionist press and media, well documented as the Israel Lobby. Consequently, we watch like silent lambs as the European Holocaust of 1939, which changed players and resurfaced in Palestine in 1948, flares up again in Gaza.
Today, the manufactured state regarded by informed observers as Israel 2.0, has the most powerful military force in the region, thanks to UK and USA military aid packages paid for by British and American taxpayers. In reality, British and American Christians are paying for the slaughter of Palestinian Muslim defenders.
This is PM Netanyahu’s last opportunity to polish his supremacist ego with violent conquest. Bebe’s been itching to unleash his powerful military giant, against puny Hamas rocks and rockets. So who stood down the heavily promoted "Israeli dome of iron" which resulted in the sacrificial deaths of many Israelis, just like the sacrifice of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
The European Holocaust of '39, which killed millions of Europeans including millions of Jews, did not end in Poland or Germany, but changed players and continued in Palestine as Jewish victims became villains like Menachin Begin, who led the Zionist terrorist group Ergun.
When the German colonization of Europe and the USSR was stopped largely by Russian forces in 1945, the colonization of Palestine by Jewish forces with British assistance began secretly as the Balfour Conspiracy.
It’s the same continuous holocaust because it was financed and engineered by the same architects of colonial wars, whose end goal was to manufacture a new Zionist state in North Africa, and force diaspora Jews to populate it.
According to Torah creator Ezra, Yahweh ordered the destruction and taking of Jericho around 1450 BCE, because it had water riches, ie: underground water storage systems which were priceless in the desert. In 1999, priceless natural gas reserves were discovered off the Gazan shoreline. Netanyahu has a plan for "Greater Israel" to colonize the rest of Palestine, and create an energy hub for the region.
The words we use are important, and the word Semite is a meaningless political fabrication because there are "no Semitic people" anywhere today. I’m publicly declaring my anti-Semitism, and my ethical stand against the Zionist "invaders" colonizing Palestine. Civilized societies agree that invaders have no moral, ethical, or legal right to claim self-defence.

Q- Which holocaust was more destructive, the slaughter in Jericho or Gaza?

A - Britannica estimates the population of ancient Jericho to range from 2,000 to 3,000 residents before its destruction, while the death toll in Gaza has exceeded 30,000 Palestinians, a factor of 10, making Netanyahu the far bigger war criminal than Joshua and Yahweh.

Because of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ongoing criminal genocide in Gaza, and the brutal 75 year war of colonization by the state of Israel 2.0 to destroy Palestine, the unaligned world has publicly denounced Israel 2.0, and every Jewish and non-Jewish Zionist who manufactured and supports it.
Of course this moral gut reaction to obvious genocide will be transformed by the Zionist press and Israel Lobby into another wave of racial hatred, and anti-Semitism.

Feb 07, 2024
WasYahwehEzras'AltarEgo? NEW
by: Community Shaman

Why does every word in Ezra's alleged "channeling" of the entire contents of the Torah which became the Old Testament, sound exactly like a narcissistic male ego demanding worship, and making outrageous and hideous demands like child sacrifice on his beloved people. Ezra makes his champion god Yahweh sound more like the nasty and tricky desert Jinn, than a benevolent, loving, and caring protector of Hebrew families.

Taken from
"Examples of Child Sacrifice in the Bible
There are also several narrative texts that seem to portray child sacrifice as a legitimate practice, or at least do not explicitly condemn it:

God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son (Gen 22). Although in the end God prevents Abraham from going through with the sacrifice, a plain reading of the text does not suggest that child sacrifice is inappropriate. Instead, God praises Abraham for his willingness to offer his son.
Jephthah makes an oath to sacrifice whoever is first to come out to greet him when he returns home successful from war. It turns out to be his daughter, and this is what he does (Judg 11:39).[10]
Mesha, king of Moab, finding that he is about to lose in battle against the combined forces of Israel and Judah, sacrifices his firstborn son and heir, which turns the tide of the battle in his favor (2 Kings 3:27).
Thus, a law requiring child sacrifice seems to be within the bounds of possibility.

Is this the historic source of so called "Jewish blood libel"?

Feb 02, 2024
DidBiblicaAuthorEzraManufactureIgnorance? NEW
by: Community Shaman

Perhaps the most astute mind in the world today is the deeply ethical Noam Chomsky, who wrote "Manufacturing Ignorance".

Ezra claimed to channel his spiritual leader Yahweh-Jehovah when he fabricated the Torah and the history of Israel 1.0 to gain political control over the tribes of Israel.

Here's what some Hebrew experts thought at the time....taken from the Torah website.

"Starting at the end and working backwards, we learn that the Torah was destined to be changed by translating mishneh "copy" as lishtanot "changing." When this change happened is clarified in the middle verse, which describes how scripture (miqra)—originally a reference to reading (miqre) the writing on the wall in Daniel—was unreadable. From the first verse we learn why scripture suddenly became unreadable: because it changed nishtavan—playing off an obscure Persian loanword that means "decree" or "letter." In short, the midrash claims that in the time of Ezra the Scribe, the Torah was suddenly written in Aramaic, language and script. This was a new development, and thus, Ezra did, in fact, write the Torah—or at least a Torah.

This means that Ezra’s Torah is not the same as the original Torah of Moses, which was written in Hebrew and in Paleo-Hebrew script[22]—the Iron Age writing found on ancient ostraca and preserved in a derivative form by the Samaritans.[23] But Ezra cannot be blamed for introducing changes into the text of the Torah, since the Torah itself already predicted it; Ezra simply fulfills Moses’ charge to change the form of the Torah.[24] This version of the midrash does not explain how, if Ezra’s Torah is in Aramaic, rabbinic Jews use a Hebrew Torah, albeit in Aramaic script—a problem the Babylonian Talmud will take up."

Feb 02, 2024
ExposingHistoricPriestlyFiction NEW
by: Community Shaman

When we use gender filters to separate male from female contributions to "human history", we can finally see "when and where" the human male was led into criminal dementia, where he became driven and obsessed for thousands of years with dominating others with violence, and filling human cemeteries with his victims, as well as himself. This long trail of bloody Hebrew colonization began in Jericho and ends in Gaza today.

The debris fields men produced over time with destructive violence, rape, racial hate, plunder, enslavement, and oppression is wrongfully called our human history, because the destructive path has been the male path, while giving, nurturing, and protecting life has been the female path.

The mental thoughtform or virus I call "Jericho" infected men's minds with ideas of supremacy or "destructive domination in the pursuit of indigenous lands", and it was taught to Hebrews by their spiritual leader Yahweh-Jehovah the Scourge of Palestine. The politically desperate and ambitious Ezra created most of the Torah as a mixture of political fiction, with just enough historic facts blended in, to make his reconstruction of history plausible.

Today, we know the truth about the origins of Israel 1.0 which have been confused and obscured by ambitious Zionists who have mastered the art of fiction, as manifest in Hollywood.

Today's Zionists even control Wikipedia which claims:

"The Samaritans believe that it was not they, but the Jews, who separated from the authentic stream of the Israelite tradition and law, around the time of Eli, in the 11th century BCE. Jews have traditionally connected the origin of the Samaritans with the later events described in 2 Kings 17:24–41[13] claiming that the Samaritans are not related to the Israelites, but to those brought to Samaria by the Assyrians.[12]"

When we brush aside all of the political fog and window dressing, we see a direct line from Sumer to Samaria, to Judah. So why all the deception?

Jan 28, 2024
YahwehFeedsOnHumanBloodEmissions NEW
by: Community Shaman

You can still find the Sumerian entity known as Yahweh-Jehovah, at the end of the long and broad trail of human blood known as the historic colonial path. Here, oceans of indigenous blood were spilled by Yahweh's followers across a planet that has been cursed with human blood for thousands of years by: Christians, Jews, and Muslims, until Gaza.

When we brush aside thousands of years of religious fiction created by ambitious, power hungry men called priests to control others, we discover a powerful key fact; that priests function more like self-serving salesmen who demand compliance with their absent authority [control], than ethical men with great spiritual knowledge which they share [guidance] to help us transcend our human ignorance to grow and ascend spiritually.

This stream of research has revealed that the Old Testament was written by politically ambitious men [priests] whose male egos would stop at nothing to regain the power and congregation they lost during the Persian [Babylonian] Conquest.

Much of Jewish history has been backwritten, rewritten, and reedited with generous doses of Yahweh fog, exploiting huge gaps in the collective memory of the Hebrew people. This is where covetous priests inserted unholy fiction like the genocide in Jericho, to control the hearts and minds of the followers and manipulate them to serve their agenda, calling it god's agenda.

In Jericho, Ezra created his champion Sumerian god Yahweh, as an absolutely hateful and destructive entity with no redeeming satanic. Yahweh is reported to be an unholy monster without one atom of: respect for life, holy grace, divine tolerance, or compassionate mercy.

Using higher Babylonian godcraft, Ezra sexed up his Sumerian champion not unlike today's superheroes. Ezra made Yahweh into an omnipotent, all powerful, destructive divine force which controls life and death, and whose godly acts are beyond question or challenge. Ezra disguised evil as good, and this religious deception has pivoted men's minds in the wrong moral direction, for more than two thousand years ending in Gaza.

Yahweh's relationship with the tribes of Israel was based on a blood covenant, which demanded that Abram's sons provide their champion and his unseen cohorts a regular flow of human blood to feed Yahweh's spiritual minions. This divine force demanded human blood, and blood was used by Hebrews in many rituals and temple adornments.

In the 21st century, we've been told to seek the money trail if we wish to uncover criminals and terrorists. In truth, the blood trail will lead us to far greater crimes and atrocities committed by criminal minds in the pursuit of empires.

Here's the blood trail used to feed Yahweh and his minions of spiritual parasites, as it emerges from history.
1. Forced circumcision of male babies provides sacred blood energy, prized by Yahweh's minions, who feast everyday on babies' blood.
2. Cycles of religious wars have been brought to Yahweh's altar in Palestine, known as Jerusalem, where oceans of human blood have been spilled to feed Yahweh, while defiling the land with dark human energy that repeats itself.
3. Five centuries of absolutely bloody criminal Christian colonization across the New Worlds, and more recently in Europe, the USSR, Asia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Panama, the Ukraine, and Palestine, have released oceans of human blood to satisfy Yahweh's unbounded appetite for human blood.

The blood trail leads to a unseen spiritual force known as Yahweh. Yahweh's path of destruction is like a serpent, and the way to stop a serpent is to crush its head.

Jan 27, 2024
MoreBurntOfferingsforYahweh? NEW
by: Community Shaman

My County in Canada was colonized by British Christians, who honoured the colonial destruction recorded by Ezra in the OT, by naming a road in the County, Jericho Road. I could never fathom why, except that it soothed their colonial consciences somehow so they memorializing the site of Yahweh's first holocaust to make themselves feel good.


In Jericho, Ezra made indigenous genocide acceptable as a divine act, and the British Christian Loyalists who colonized these once-sacred lands turned to the Roman-made Roman Bible, to find spiritual relief for taking indigenous lands with: physical, spiritual, and legal terrorism.

After Ezra returned from Babylon where he learned higher godcraft, he made priestly history when he made a "profanely evil" act like human genocide "holy", or acceptable to the human mind, by reporting that Yahweh [a god] actually did it.

Fact or priestly fiction, the OT reports that Yahweh was so displeased with Joshua for not finishing the job of absolute destruction in the city state known as Jericho, that he rebuked him, and then went in and finished the job himself.

Yahweh is credited with the first holocaust, or complete slaughter and burning of every living creature. That folks, began 25 centuries of holocausts on indigenous lands around the world by Yahweh's followers.

Yahweh's gift to humankind was colonial genocide, or what we call terrorism, and that is exactly what the world is witnessing in Gaza today.

The reason given for Yahweh's demented rampage in Jericho was that the people of Jericho had refused to fall down and worship him previously. So it sounds as though the spiritual entity Yahweh had been shopping around and trying to make deals with other people to call his own, before he made a deal with the Hebrews.

Q - Why did this spiritual entity "need" to slaughter and burn every innocent living creature? A - I posit that Yahweh has many spiritual mouths to feed, and the blood of his victims draws his countless unseen minions or spiritual parasites, who feed on the sacred energy released by human blood. Blood draws many kinds of unseen entities.

Jan 26, 2024
InvadersCanNEVERClaimSelf-Defence NEW
by: Community Shaman

Colonial terrorism is defined by its students as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth." It has cursed humanity and the environment for 25 centuries since Jericho.

Around 63 BCE, very powerful Roman armies invaded and colonized Israel and captured Jerusalem. I'm sure that no ancient or modern Jew would ever accept the Roman claim that it had a right to defend itself by destroying Israelis and taking Israeli lands, and enslaving Israelis.

I'm sure we all agree that when covetous German Christians dressed in Nazi uniforms invaded and colonized Poland in 1939, they had no moral, ethical, or legal right to claim self-defence when Polish home defenders retaliated against them during the Warsaw Uprising.

When Zionist terrorists invaded Palestine in 1948,
and began a long process of colonial terrorism to take indigenous lands from Arab Palestinians, they had no moral, ethical, or legal right to claim self defence while in the act of colonial terrorism.

Will any Jewish editor please explain to me, how Netanyahu's genocide in Palestine is NOT COLONIAL TERRORISM?

Jan 24, 2024
The Balfour Conspiracy-British-Jewish Evil NEW
by: Anonymous

Jericho Road is the historic road to perdition. It not only connects Prince Edward County with Palestine through colonial terrorism, but it joins ancient power-hungry Hebrew priest Ezra, who created the story about Jericho which inspired 25 centuries of criminal land theft, with 21st century Loyalist author Chris Fanning, the source of today’s harmful Loyalist fictions. Colonial terrorism is defined by its students as: "The use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth", and it has been the curse of humanity and the environment since Ezra.
Waking up to the deep historic criminality of colonial terrorism while living among the Loyalists in Prince Edward County who practiced it for five centuries, has been a moral and ethical nightmare. The Loyalists here honour the first holocaust or slaughter and burning of a human community by the Hebrew-Christian god Yahweh-Jehovah, and his Hebrew followers.
Fact or fiction, the genocidal destruction of all living creatures in Jericho was cleverly presented by Ezra in the OT, as a divine act or "god stuff", to justify and make acceptable the first horrendous holocaust in Palestine. He presented Hebrew evil as divine good, and this criminal deception has been used to colonize the planet by Yahweh’s followers ever since. The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Haiti, Palestine, and the Ukraine, are modern examples of colonial terrorism.
It’s a historic fact that the British Lions’: "Balfour Conspiracy", created Rothschild’s Israel 2.0. It’s noteworthy that the European Holocaust of 1939 did not end in Europe, but has continued in Palestine. When Europe’s Holocaust shifted from to Palestine, it saw Rothschild’s Zionist Jews slaughtering Palestinian Muslims for their lands once again, as a Zionist controlled world press looks the other way in sheepish silence.
Because of the oceans of Palestinian blood spilled in covetous anger by colonizing Jews, there is an absolute dearth of holiness in Palestine-Israel today. These lands have been cursed for a long time.

Aug 28, 2023
The Trial of Yahweh-Jehovah-Part 2
by: Community Shaman

Humans are a colonizing species. Recently unearthed, human-like bones have been dated to around 7 million years, [about twice as long as previously believed], and students of human history accept as a highly-likely fact, that alien civilizations have visited Earth and colonized it many times. Most of those colonies disappeared because life is very fragile on this very dense and often violent planet.

When Yahweh's politically ambitious priests returned from their captivity in Babylon, where they learned higher godcraft, they claimed that their champion god Yahweh was the prime creator of the universe and humanity.

They also claimed that Yahweh demanded genital mutilation known as circumcision, as a bloody sacrifice to a bloodlusting Yahweh. In reality, Yahweh's priests adopted the local cultural practice which evolved as an African tribal affectation long before, as a surgical attempt to correct Yahweh's imperfect creations.

Yahweh made many divine mistakes, including "flawed creations", and though it had been a cultural practice by Africans long before Yahweh and Abraham left the Sumerian city known as Ur, his priests promoted it later as a divine commandment, to create a blood cult to bind Hebrews to Yahweh.

Aug 18, 2023
Yahewh's Blood Cult NEW
by: Community Shaman

My last message touched on a malevolent species of spiritual entities called the Jinn, who apparently predate humans on Earth, and like to mess with human minds. Their dirty tricks on humans in North Africa [Palestine], have been well-documented by many different groups over time. They deceive us easily by posing as helping spirits who can grant wishes, or impersonating other spirits we trust.

One of the most bizarre, and disturbingly criminal events described openly in the OT, was the ritual "slaying and burning" [a holocaust] of an innocent child by the father named Abraham, who was possessed by an evil spirit named Yahweh-Jehovah. Whether this entity was the genuine Yahweh or a Jinn, he demanded human blood, and seduced Abraham into sacrificing his son to him. Years later this insatiable entity would go on to demand that every Hebrew male sacrifice his foreskin to him. This was not allegory because it grew into a traditional blood cult, which continues to demand the sacred blood of innocent infants, even today.

The full truth is that circumcision was a pre-existing cultural practice long before Yahweh's people invaded the Levant. It was a twisted and abhorrent affectation, like head-boarding, and body piercing, which harmed infants unnecessarily as it spread across Africa. Circumcision was not a meaningful spiritual practice but brutish genital mutilation by primitive cultures!

Aug 18, 2023
The Trial of Yahweh-Jehovah NEW
by: Community Shaman

The spiritual force known historically as Yahweh-Jehovah is hereby charged with: "Being the most destructive, or "holocaustic" force to have cursed humanity and the environment on planet Earth."

We grow up in cultural boxes constructed with many traditional social delusions, eg: cultural, political, spiritual, and many have harmed us for generations. Once we transcend and free ourselves of our cultural conditioning, we emerge with a fresh new perspective, not unlike climbing the mountain to rise above the fog, to achieve a clearer, higher viewpoint, from which we can see our path, and our history differently.

One of the most destructive forces in human history is an ancient entity from Sumer named Yahweh-Jehovah, who allegedly attached itself to a Sumerian named Abraham who lived in Ur. This spirit could have been a malicious desert spirit known as the Jinn which impersonates other spirits. Yahweh is the "holocaustic force" described by Ezra, which he claims slaughtered and burned every living creature in Jericho around 1450 BCE?

The Jinn are famous for impersonating other spirits, and manipulating humans with sorcery to drive humans into extreme behaviour. As Yahweh, they inspired his priests to perform the holocaustic destruction of Jericho in his name, and as Gabriel, they may have faked the Annunciation, as well as the inspiration in the cave, which created Mohammed's Koran.

The Jinn could be responsible for much of the evil that has happened in these "unholy lands", which were cursed with generations of human blood spilled in anger.

Our case against Yahweh-Jehovah will actually be a case against his handlers, the Hebrew priesthood which recruited Yahweh from the Babylonian and Sumerian pantheon of Anunnaki gods, to be their champion god and reunite a fractured Israel 1.0.

In the next session, we will examine Yahweh's claim to be our divine creator, and his alleged right to rule us as a source of authority.

Aug 15, 2023
Ancient Priestly Fictions Continue to Harm Us NEW
by: Community Shaman

Where I'm coming from....I didn't just drop down from out of the wild blue yonder...

I'm a 75 year old Polish war refugee, one of many who were driven off our indigenous lands in 1939, by German Christians dressed in Nazi uniforms, as they brutally colonized Europe and the USSR. My sisters were born as German slaves in German labour camps, but I was born a free man in Belgium just after WWII.

I grew up in Canada, a former British Christian colony, where I became culturally conditioned to believe Canada's "Official Narrative" consisting largely of political lies and social delusions written to protect our criminal colonial history,... until I began to study shamanism, which changed everything.

When one studies shamanism, one is forced to study "colonialism", a historic criminal process of land theft traceable to Jericho [1450 BCE?], which cursed humanity and the environment for 35 centuries. Yahweh's brutal colonialism destroyed Palestine twice, and almost eradicated Shamanism.

The first lesson for a student who steps onto the shamanic path, the path of the heart, is to learn to separate reality from illusion. Ancient spiritual teachers like Thoth the Atlantean, are sources of trustworthy wisdom, and he gave us what I call "Thoth's Razor", which is nothing more than "focused human reason" to separate fact from fiction, in order to sort out the great mysteries of the cosmos, and our true human history.

Ancient priests were often trained in their profession in mystery schools [Egypt, Alexandria, Tibet] where they learned the dark art of godcraft. Godcraft is the ancient practice of creating gods out of nothing [fiction], in order to gain political control over their populations for power, profit, and pleasure.

Western organized religions were designed by ambitious men, to gain political control over their populations, like a form of secondary governance, and it grew into a false source of authority which was used to govern the hearts and minds of people.

When my eyes changed from a "Catholic" to a "Shamanic" perspective, I began to see humanity's written history differently.

Constantine's Roman Bible was ordered, created, and edited by Constantine's agents, to favour colonialism, because Constantine the Conqueror was the father of modern colonialism. He perfected "colonial terrorism" which is still used today, and it's defined by its students as: "the use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth." Every empire was constructed criminally.

According to power hungry priest Ezra, who had learned higher godcraft during his stay in Babylon, Yahweh performed his first of thousands of holocausts in Jericho.

BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Yahweh's followers, countless generations of: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, have read Ezra's story about the destruction of Jericho, and missed the holocaust. Here, Yahweh is reported to have "slaughtered and burned every living creature in sacrifice" to himself, because they refused to worship him.

Fact or fiction, the word Jericho became the depraved battle cry on the lips of Yahweh's followers throughout human history, to build empires of evil. Everywhere they went, they spilled rivers of indigenous blood across the globe to take native land wealth, and enslave and terrorize their children.

Lands that were once sacred or holy, are defiled by human blood spilled in anger with dark energy. This dark organizing energy becomes embedded as a negative pattern on the land which sustains its original purpose by repeating this negative pattern, generation after generation. This negative energy could be recognized as an evil force on the land [Yahweh ?], which curses the land to repeat the cycle of slaughter and destruction.

There is hope...the blood curse on these long suffering lands can be lifted, and the land can be healed by those who know how, but who will heal the source of evil, the people themselves?

Jul 30, 2023
Fake Marriage of Yahweh to Asherah NEW
by: Anonymous

The silence here speaks volumes about how shocking truth is received by those who have lived in its shadow for centuries. Sorry to say, that when today's truths are exposed as yesterday's fiction, we all feel cheated and abused.

Priests have always been very ambitious, political animals obsessed with dominating others, and their service-to-self has often resulted in disasters for their communities and others.

The voice of god in the OT, sounds very much like an over-inflated male ego speaking from a dark place of fearful coercion, malice, and domination, not a place of kindness, infinite love, compassion, and mercy. It is the voice of males seeking primacy or supremacy.

This part is funny.....The Hebrew authors of this manipulative patriarchal fiction were so desperate for political power that they tried to usurp the reigning "land goddess" Asherah, through an arranged "spiritual marriage". Asherah was the long established, and popular mother goddess worshipped across the Levant.

Israel Finkelstein's artefacts discovered in many sacred places attest to the fact that this established matriarchal deity was far more popular than the incoming patriarchal deity, Yahweh-Jehovah who was a "temple god", and allegedly the scary holocaustic destroyer of Jericho.

When the fake marriage arranged by the priests failed to attract worshippers to Yahweh's temples, they became so enraged that they declared an ugly, vengeful divorce, and banished her from all sacred sites in Israel.

Regardless of the hateful invective that Yahweh's cult created and launched against the loving, nurturing force known as Asherah [traceable to Isis], her popularity continued to grow quietly behind the din of Yahweh noise created by angry fiction loving priests. Today Asherah's cult is attracting many new followers who now recognize her as the divine feminine, the loving matriarchal force which respects life instead of destroying it.

Jun 20, 2023
CommunityShaman NEW
by: Steve Staniek

Is all of Israel's history a confused patchwork of revised, re-edited, realigned, and rewoven priestly fiction?

The astute spiritual investigator and clairvoyant Madame Blavatsky informs us that parts of the OT beginning with Genesis, were borrowed by power hungry Hebrew priests from "ancient wisdom" kept and protected by Secret Brotherhoods for thousands of years. Most gnostics agree. After learning higher godcraft in Babylon, Hebrew priests took [adopted] and edited these ancient truths, and rewrote them to support their political agenda. They wrote fiction designed to control the Hebrew people, and exercise power over them, exposing their agenda as: "service to self" rather than "service to others".

In those days like today, there were bad men who practiced "service to self" and they called themselves: "priests, agents, or intermediaries, of the unseen, invisible and "ineffable" most high with no name. They posed as anointed representatives of an all powerful, but absent authority, a champion Sumerian [Babylonian] god, the ineffable one, who may have once walked the Earth as the lion-faced predator, Yahweh-Jehovah. Under this divine cover, they shamelessly manipulated and abused their people, for power, profit, and pleasure, then and now.

Power hungry Hebrews who pretended to speak as Yahweh [channeling?] were called priests. What we actually hear between the lines in the OT, are their power hungry egos manifesting as the voice of Yahweh. These miscreants forced all manner of depravity on their fellow Hebrews, including the local cultural practice of circumcision.

Yahweh's priests falsely declared this form of genital mutilation of infants, as one of Yahweh's contractual demands. They wrongly claimed that Yahweh demanded the blood of newborns, and this depraved sacrifice to an absent Yahweh, has been repeated on billions of babies over the centuries, as a way of binding or enslaving his followers. Yahweh's priests created "a blood cult", ostensibly to satisfy their champion blood thirsty god, who's first holocaust in Jericho, launched and inspired a criminal process called colonialism.

Rome [aka the Vatican] informs us that Constantine the Conqueror, invented Roman Christianity when he ordered, edited, and weaponized it as an instrument of brutal colonization. Religion functions like a form of secondary governance which control the hearts and minds of Roman citizens, slaves, and defeated nations. Constantine, and not Peter, made Jesus into a Roman god. Constantine was the most criminal mind in ancient Rome, and he perfected colonialism with three prongs: 1) massive, organized violence to break down and dominate others physically, 2) a state religion imposed violently on everyone to dominate and control their hearts and minds, 3) fake (colonial) laws to take indigenous lands, and dominate the victims legally.

Roman Christianity [Roman Catholicism] has cursed humanity and the environment for thousands of years, defiling a once sacred landscape with rivers and oceans of human blood, spilled in covetous anger, rage, and hate.

Jun 19, 2023
Community Shaman cont'd NEW
by: Anonymous

Well that comment sounded fearfully dismissive!

The priestly class craves and creates spiritual power almost out of nothing through godcraft. Ancient Hebrew priest Ezra learned his godcrafting skills during his Babylonian captivity [450 BCE?]. He borrowed a Babylonian god named Yahweh [Jehovah], who originated in Sumer, and was documented on Sumerian stele as: a lesser god of the forge, or weapons making.

The Old Testament, [OT], states that Abraham left his home in Ur, a Sumerian city, and travelled with Yahweh to the Levant, where after many generations, this wandering band of Hebrews began to terrorize Palestinian inhabitants, by attacking and taking their lands. A Sumerian priest and his Sumerian god launched the state of Israel 1.0, and it was a Sumerian theocracy and colony.

Ezra created his story about Jericho and backdated it to around 1400 BCE. He made his champion war god all-powerful, by giving Yahweh absolute power over life and death, through the holocaustic or complete destruction of every living creature, followed by burning. Jericho was the site of Yahweh's first of countless holocausts inspired by the story of Jericho for the next 25 centuries. We see how the Jewish-Christian-Muslim god Yahweh taught his people colonial terrorism defined as: "the use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth." One of the Hebrew kingdoms was actually named "Samaria", and its culture and religions were different.

A criminal process of colonial terrorism was used to create Israel 1.0, breaking all of Yahweh's original commandments made in the desert, before their new circumcisions had healed.

The same criminal process of violent land theft is being used today by Israel 2.0, to exterminate Palestine.

What I have distilled out, is what I call "a functional history", stripped of all political and religious window dressing and fiction.

Jun 19, 2023
Lacking focus.
by: Joaozinho Martins

I just couldn't understand what has been written in the post concerned. Is it fiction? What all that has to do with the the nation of Israel? Hope to get some inputs from someone who reads it.

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