Children of Abraham

by Yhon Jetley-Marks
(United Kingdom)

Something that always concerns me is that though Muslims and Christians claim to be inheritors of Abraham - there is only, in fact, one peoples who are entitled to this privilege, that is the Jews.

The two religions just mentioned are parasites to the Jews and cling on to a religion that, in fact has nothing to do with them. The promises are for the spiritual and physical progeny of Abraham, which are the Jews and Noahides, of which Abraham was.

The other two religions take out what they want and what suits them and pervert and misquote/mistranslate and twist to try and make their god the same as the G-d of Israel.

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Dec 31, 2015
Muslim Quran
by: Anonymous

As a Christian practically all of my life, I am curious to know when the Quran came into history and who the author was? I have no further interest after this.

The Bible was inspired by God, word without error. Thanks.

Feb 13, 2011
House of Abraham
by: Stanley7

Muslims and Christians were always deadly wrong very, very badly to claim to be inheritors of Abraham. You all see: During Abraham's life and times, there were no Muslims and Christians in the Land of Goshen, Egypt, but only all Hebrew Slaves, at that time.
No one people who were entitled to this privilege, that was all the Hebrew Slaves only in Egypt at all, not the Jews at this time.

No, not 2 religions, but one religion was named as "HEBREW TORAH" in the beginning in Egypt a very, very long time ago. The promises were made for the spiritual and physical HEBREWS only of Abraham, which were all the HEBREWS only of which Abraham was.

All Egyptians in Egypt used their same Hebrew Torah on all Saturdays only, too.
Many, many years later Lord Jesus Christ, our still Jewish Living God, began His Kingdom of Heaven during His Life and Times. Some years later Lord Jesus Christ helped His Jewish Apostle, Paul (Saul) to establish "First Christians" in Antioch, Assyria, Mesopotamia on Jesus's Own True Holy Saturday, 1st Month of Abib/ Nisan/ AUGUST, His Holy 7th Day - His Holy High Day, His Holy 49th Year of Age, His Holy 4879th Lord Year - His Holy 7th Year - His Holy High Year.

I, Stanley7 asked Lord Jesus Christ if all "First Christians" were named, known as only truly all "Jewish Christians" in their first early church in Antioch, Assyria, Mesopotamia on this same His Holy Saturday, Abib/ Nisan/ August, His Holy 7th Day - His High Day, His Holy 49th Year of Age, His Holy 4879th Lord Year - His Holy 7th Year - His Hily High Year, Lord Jesus Christ said so loudly "Always Yes and True"!.

No, not 2 religions again, the Hebrew Torah took out what the all the Hebrews wanted and what suited them (All the Hebrews), so many, many years passed until the Muslims took out in Mecca past the unjust year of 760 later to pervert and misquote/ mistranslate and twist to try all their misunderstandings and mistakes and made their another different God (Allah) the not same as the God of Israel.

Please be noted so firmly that Ishmael, Hebrew/ Egyptian, with his Ishmaelites used to worship before Lord God on all Saturdays many, many years later, before the unjust year of 760 in Mecca.
Finally I, Stanley7 thanked Jesus very much for His Nice Wonderful Information to me, Stanley7 only one left on Earth for you all and all peoples worldwide. Thank you,

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