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I think before the flood and then afterwords they had discovered a way to. Change the DNA Of humans and animals and man was no longer in the image of God and therefore could not be redeemed. This is Satan's strategy He hates us because we are like God Nd wants us all changed. That's what the flood was for to kill off everyone that had became defiled . Somehow one of the people on the Ark still new how . In Gen.6 God said and Nimrod started to become a mighty hunter before God. He was becoming a Nephilem. A giant like one of the fallen angels. They severe men of renown mightily men of valor. Ancient people thought they were gods.

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Nov 07, 2015
New discovery - Shamash is Shem Melkizedek
by: Anonymous

Shamash or Shemesh is two words, as Sham the Mash or Shem the Mesh. Zecharia notes that in other languages such as Shemetic Chaldean the Shem means an arrow (Eros, the S is silent). This is why he says it is a missile or a rocket and as you can see this arrow (Eros) can be a penis. The Hebrew definition is to be well-known or famed, but we shouldn't throw out the idea that Shem Melkizedek is this Arrow Melkizedek (the Nimrod who shot his arrow to the sky).

There is a reason the sun is not called Shamash before the Flood, and is called Shamash after the Flood. This reason is also supported by Re the name used in Egypt. Re is British (ray), and so American Ra, (and not Rah). The sun ray did not exist while the water canopy was up. Egypt, whose Noah was 3090 BC, makes the Flood as the birth of Ray. These rays come down and smear the earth, anoint the earth, anoint people on the earth turning them brown, and so Shem Mash or Shem Mesh means Rays from the Anointer, or as it has become Rays of the Anointing.

It does create an issue of who a messiah is, is he the one with the cup of olive oil pouring it on someone, or the one getting smeared with it. The first king is Ur's Reu, not his father Peleg who founded the city. And so the list says that king A.Anepada ruled the city 80 years for his father the founder of Ur who was Mesh.Anepada - so in this case the father doing the anointing of his son as king is the messiah, not the king. However, had this meaning stayed the same it would mean Samuel was the messiah not king Saul, and that John the baptizer was the messiah not Jesus. It is moot, because it isn't the title that is to be honored but the two roles the two people play. To argue is to make teacher greater than student versus student greater than teacher. WHO was greater? Abram meeting Shem, or Shem meeting Abram. Only the wicked would care. BUT the point is that the sun in the sky being a symbol of our GOD was not just Noah (Utu or Days or Dios or Theos), but was also Shem the Mesh after Noah died. People would say HE is our light. But saying that truth isn't true at all if one is stupid not really knowing Shem and his ways.

The king after Reu seems to be Serug if we define Mesh-Kiang. Nannar as Mesh.Serug-Nannar because words are not always seen unless the spelling to connect them is seen in texts. For example Mesh-Kiang seems very probable to be Messiah-King even seen when spelled as Mes-Kiang. But most sources spell it as Mes-Kiag and so without the N the word king is not seen. Full translation is thus Messiah King of our Great Mother. This is because he was the second king. The king's role became willing replaced by a second person. This is in line with Jesus being a king only until he gets a queen to become a Greater King because she will rule with him. The she is the first selected ones as his church. In essence the Pharisees saw themselves as this as if they were selected by all the priests in their role to assist them. Every nation as a king has their church that assists them as if a wife, but when wrong it is likened to a whore.

This is why John's revelation of hidden appocalypse portrays the church whores destroyed by the kings. In essence most prophesy that is not scientific based in physical law is instead common psychological behavior known well enough to predict it or even induce it to happen. The church induced hate against Russia, and United Nations effort to create Israel. If wrong in anything they do, then John is saying they are the hore who will get destroyed on the last day. So who really is then The Son (Sun of God) who sheds is light rays (his shems) down upon the earth because he is the Mesh or anointer of clear sights and visions of reality?

Nov 07, 2015
Pride and Embellishments
by: Elijahovah

Why is it that someone who discovers truth because they have the eye to see it, is then accused of fabricating lies! Tesla facing propaganda that only 120 volts DC is safe on ever block and that a single plant to put 50,000 volts across a city is an intent to kill people. Thousands of people building airplanes that cannot fly because of a false formula and then two Wright brothers make a plane that doesn't trust the world's formula and it flies. While God labels the Devil, then Satan returns lies about God making his ways labeled as the Devil's. Just like those jealous of Jesus so that they just had to kill the man who could touch and heal everyone.

BUT how does one get truth. Where is the foundation that giant Nimrod is giant Nephilim. Where is the foundation that he was uneffected by DNA change. My truth i have found is destoyed by this fictitious imagery. It is a fact C-14 is created daily and can be changed. C-14 is a danger. It changes chronology the same ratio as changing longevity. The chrnologies match it. Yes Nimrod was big or giant or famous because Moslems are correct he died at 500, and yes this is a fluke when you find the real chronology that says he was born beside Peleg who lived only half as long. BUT it means you have to have this true data to find these conclusions, and it means you have to have causes and results that we see still exist today and that it is the inclination for people thus to be as the Bible says. The BIble doesnt say that man wants to be master of other men as slaves so that this proves a flying spaceship of masters came to enslave them. It doesnt say what came from heaven was a saucer to genetically modify people. This is crap dished to us on a plate. AND so i am very offended that i wait very hard to see the proofs and truths and causes and effects to see what was true and is true, AND instead i am the one accused of embellishing because i need attention, or i need to save myself from hell, or from armageddon, or from the fate my wicked deeds will be punished with. HOW can i read this crap every single day from thousands and not be offended that what i have presented from God is not mine, and not crap, and not with intent for me to be self-righteous and self-purifying and self-holy, etc. As many people say (though i admit usually theguilty say this), people accusing others are usually those guilty of it. Jesus knew this when he likened his miracles to Greek doctors and he said NO DOUBT to me you are thinking and saying that i the physician should heal myself first before i do this healing of all of you. YES he knew the wicked here rule merely from their rage and accusations to destroy others who have a truth that makes the crap stand out as crap. Everyday then and now people keep embellishing ridiculous scenarios to outshine others, or become profound in their own eyes, or feel saved and secure by their NEW truth. Sad for you. Just like Jesus was.

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