Biblical and Egyptian Customs

by Paul

At what point do the Biblical and Egyptian Customs match?

Abraham married his half sister Sarah. (Genesis 20:11-12)
The pharaoh Abraham met in Genesis 12:10-20 (Pepi II)had married his own half sister Neith.

Joseph shaved. (Genesis 41:14) Joseph appeared before pharaoh Senusret III's court.(Genesis 41:41-45) Archaeologist found a golden razor in Sit-Hathor-Yunet's tomb. She was Senusret III's sister.

Moses learned all the ways of the Egyptians.(Acts 7:22)
Princess Hatshepsut was the princess who saved Moses life. She taught him Egyptian ways. (Exodus 2:5-10)Thutmose III later requires all Egyptian captives and slaves to worship Egyptian gods. Moses refuses and Thutmose III the Exodus pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea.

Biblical and Egyptian history seem to match as related to ancient customs in the times we live where mankind mocks the Judeo/Christian Bible as being a mere book of myths and legends.

Each new day we discover the Bible in history and prophecy to be more accurate than ever.

Note From Editor: Amen.

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Jun 30, 2012
Egyptian Slaves and Mercenaries in Canaan
by: Jerod

When Saul reigned over Israel, David is recorded to have saved an Egyptian slave's life.(1 Samuel 30:11-16) A Hebrew named Benaiah slew an Egyptian carrying a spear around the time king David died.(2 Samuel 23:20-21)

Egyptian king Psusennes I daughter Isiemkheb married the High Priest Menkheperre. The Egyptian king became rich since the Egyptian priesthood controlled 80% of the nation's wealth.

Archaeologist found Egyptian jewelry that can be dated to Egyptian king Psusennes I reign, which occurred when king Saul reigned over Israel.

May 27, 2012
Solomon's Riches
by: Tom

All the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon yearly, to hear his wisdom and to bring him presents such as vessels of silver and gold, spices, horses, mules. Solomon reigned over all the kings from the river (Euphrates) to the border of Egypt, and Solomon made silver in Jerusalem as plentiful as stones.(2 Chronicles 9:23-27 abbreviated)

Egyptian king Psusennes I reigned 1099-1049 B.C. he was one of the richest kings in Egyptian history. He was buried in a silver coffin.

Solomon reigned 1019-979 B.C. beginning his reign some 30 years after Psusennes I died. Shishak in Rehoboam's 5th year 974 B.C. 5 years after Solomon dies attacks Jerusalem and takes Solomon's wealth back to Egypt. (1 Kings 14:25)

Archaeologist state the Egyptian jewelry is believed to be manufactured around 1100 B.C.
King Saul reign 1099-1059 B.C. and David's reign 1059-1019 B.C. is the time frame those wealthy Egyptians wearing that jewelry lived.

May 27, 2012
Egyptian Jewelry Found at Armageddon
by: Lujack Skylark

Egyptian jewelry was found at Armageddon. Archaeologist date this jewelry at 1100 B.C. and belonging to a rich Egyptian family in Canaan in an area the Hebrews did not occupy.

King Saul's reign 1099-1059 B.C. & King David's reign 1059-1019 B.C. Egyptian king Psusennes I 1099-1049 B.C.

David saved an Egyptian slave when Saul was king (1 Samuel 30:11-15); and David as king slew an Egyptian giant. (1 Chronicles 11:23).

We have a perfect archaeological and Biblical match. The Bible is a historically accurate book.

May 23, 2012
Biblical and Egyptian Customs
by: Anonymous

Egyptian king Pepi II had traded grain for honey with Abraham's home town Ur. The House of Honey at Ur was built when Abraham lived at Ur. Pepi II had both his naked male and female servants covered in honey to keep the flies off him. Pepi II also had trade with the Canaanite city Sodom.

Pepi II's daughter, the princess Nitocris was fair. Sarah's name means princess. Sarah was also fair. Egyptian men would murder foreign men to obtain their fair wives. (Genesis 12:11-12) The Hebrew male slayer king (Exodus 1:15-16) wanted to keep female fair babies alive to breed into the Egyptian population.

Abraham was 75 years old when he visited Pepi II in Egypt, since Abraham lived 76-86 years (10) in Canaan before Ishmael was born. (Genesis 16:3 & Genesis 16:16) Sarah was 65 years old when meeting the 96 year old Pepi II, who received God's plagues. (Genesis 12:17)

Abraham was blessed when he turned 100 years old when Isaac was born. Egyptian king Pepi II's Egypt was falling apart when Pepi II died at age 100.

Abraham had offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice. God provided another sacrifice that was accepted in Isaac's place. Egyptian parents were cannibals since extreme famine struck Egypt after bi-sexual Pepi II had died. Egyptian false gods did not save them.

May 08, 2012
Biblical and Egyptian Customs
by: Ted

Abraham enters Egypt in Egypt's Old Kingdom.
Joseph enters Egypt in Egypt's Middle Kingdom.
Moses resides in Egypt during the New Kingdom.

One should take a closer look at unlocking this mystery.

May 08, 2012
Biblical and Egyptian Customs
by: Anonymous


The Bible and Egyptian Customs actually match!

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